Women's Vegan Copper Rivet Biotime Tamara Sandals for Earthing

$ 79.50 USD

  • You can now enjoy the health benefits associated with Earthing while still wearing vegan leather sandals with a crepe rubber sole, thanks to this modified sandal with a copper plug / rivet. These are slip on sandals with a 5mm soft natural crepe rubber outsole that have a copper plug inserted into the sole. Copper is a conductive material which allows the electron flow to pass through into your skin. You can now enjoy Earthing with every step you take, in the spring and summer. These Earthing women's sandals have a plant based pineapple fibre upper in a brown, teal or sunset orange color which gives them a nice summertime look. They have a cork footbed which is natural cork covered and gives unsurpassed orthopedic comfort and support. They feature a stylish strap and a molded vegan leather toe thong with an adjustable instep buckle to secure your foot. No animal origin components are used and are ethically sourced and sustainable. Not only are they Earthing sandals, they are certified vegan and these therapeutic sandals could help in minimizing the discomfort caused by plantar fasciitis, bunions, diabetic foot problems and other foot pains. They come in EURO sizes 36 - 41. These ladies sandals are made in Spain and we personally insert the copper rivet in Canada.

    Please note, if your feet are at all sensitive, these sandals will not be suitable for long walks, as the rivet will press on the median point of your foot.  Even on a soft surface, if you step on a rock, you will feet the rivet. NOT FOR WIDE FEET
  • Material Vegan Leather - Plant Based Pineapple Upper
    Material Natural Cork Covered Contoured Cork Footbed
    Soles Natural Crepe outsole with Copper Rivet / Plug
    Color Brown, Teal and Sunset Orange
    Manufactured National Shoe - Spain
    Sizes Full EURO Sizes 36-41
    Fit Same as Regular Shoe Size
  • European USA Size
    36 5½ - 6
    37 6½ - 7
    38 7½ - 8
    39 8½ - 9
    40 9½ - 10
    41 10½ - 11

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