Children's Beaded Moose Hide Leather Moccasins 4337-C

$ 33.50 USD

  • These kid's moccasins work perfectly as shoes for earthing for your child as they are handmade from genuine moose hide leather.  *Moose is a wild animal, so therefore incurs wounds and scarring during its lifetime. These scars and marks can show up in the leather as what may appear to be imperfections, but in fact are unique to each pair of moccasins.
    They are part of the animal's storyline.
    Leather moccasins are conductive and are the closest we have ever come to an ideal shoe for earthing. They are the next best thing to being barefoot as they have no synthetic insoles. They have a cute Native American hand-beaded design on the vamp and they come with laces for tightening. These children's moccasin grounding shoes come in a Natural Tan colour and come in Child sizes ranging from 7-10. (these fit small, best to buy at least one full size up as children grow so fast)
  • Material Moose Hide Leather
    Color Natural Tan
    Earthing Soft Leather Soles
    Accents Raw Hide Laces & Beading on Vamp
    Accents Serrated Edge on Tongue
    Sizes 7-10
    Fit Small, Order at Least 1 Size Up

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