Erthe Athletic Shoe Strap for Grounding

$ 35 USD


The erthe shoe strap is the latest wearable technology from Earthling 3.0. The strap gives you access to all the benefits of grounding, all while wearing your favorite footwear. Each pack includes 2 erthe straps which fits all shoes and are the perfect option for vegan customers. The strap works for removing electric tension and increases performance for runners and joggers, all sports and exercise enthusiasts.

Rubber soles in your shoes block the flow of electricity from your body to the ground but with Earthling 3.0 you eliminate electric tension to simulate the benefits of exercising barefoot which will speed up recovery and boost performance. The erthe straps have a versatile design made to fit any shoe and any brand. Now you can enhance the overall performance and function of your favorite running shoe or sneaker. Just attach it to your go-to shoe and you're ready!

Studies have shown that electrical grounding improves activity of the vagus nerve which regulates your heart rate, vein diameter as well as activity in your heart, lungs and digestive tract. Whether you are a runner, jogger, boxer or play any team sport, you can easily add to your output with Earthling 3.0 advantage. Its innovative technology makes high energy activities less strenuous. This simple and easy solution offers great benefits!

We cannot guarantee the life of this durable strap. It all depends on the terrain where you will be running/walking and also on the frequency of wear. However, we offer frequent user discount of 15% off your next pairs (contact us by email for discount code).


Weight68 gr
MaterialCarbon Strap
Length27.4 x 2.3 cm
ManufacturedEarthling 3.0 Australia
SizesUniversal Men/Women
FitAll Shoes


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