No-Show Silver Conductive Socks for Earthing

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$ 17 USD

Our Silver Conductive Socks for Earthing are an essential need for everyone, especially if you wear our Footwear for Earthing.

Our Silver Conductive Socks are made of premium quality silver content as follows:  Silver Fiber:18%,Cotton:62%,Polyamide:14%,Spandex:6%  which makes them highly conductive, with strong antibacterial properties.

They will ground your body while keeping your feet warm, when:


  • Resistant to microorganisms:  anti-bacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal
  • Reduces odor
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Heel grips
  • Reinforced instep
  • Easy care

 Washing Instructions:

  • Low temperature water
  • Neutral detergent, non-phosphorus detergent
  • NO bleach, NO fabric softener
  • Machine wash, preferably hand wash
  • Dry under temperature of 80 degree Celsius
  • Or Hang to dry but no sunshine
  • No ironing


  • Small (W 5-7)
  • Medium (W 8-11) (M 7-9)
  • Large (M 9 1/2-12)