One Size EMF Radiation Protection Beanie

$ 69 USD


Wherever you need to go, protect yourself with our EMF Protection Beanie.


Individuals react to EMF differently and some require protection from various frequencies that surround them in everyday life. Our stylish and shielded EMF Beanie is designed for individuals with EMF sensitivity, health concerns, as well as the growing population seeking to reduce their exposure to EMF/EMR


Guard your head against EMF's while remaining stylish! Protect yourself daily with this EMF Protection Beanie from up to 99% of harmful EMF/EMR radiation from 5G and devices like WIFI towers, WiFi routers, microwave signals, smart meters, radars, military broadcasts, etc


Perfect For: 

  • Travel
  • School
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Outdoor Work
  • Sports and Sporting Events
  • EMF environments



  • Fifth Generation Wireless  5G (RF Radiation)
  • Cellular Radiation (RF Radiation)
  • WiFi Radiation (RF Radiation)
  • Bluetooth Radiation (RF Radiation)



  • Outside Layer: 100% silver-nylon blend fabric
  • Inner Full Layer: 100% silver fiber fabric
  • Stretchy
  • Antimicrobial silver material inside is breathable and resistant to odor and bacteria


The Beanie is One Size Fits All

Beanie circumference is stretchy and measures 60cm (24")

Depth: 29 cm (11")


Washing Instructions: 


  • Wash EMF Beanie gently by hand,  NOT in the washing machine
  • Don't wring after washing, directly lift it from the water to dry
  • The water temperature should not exceed 90 degrees
  • Do NOT bleach