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What is "Earthing"?

"Earthing" also know as "Grounding" is a fairly new concept with many health benefits that professionals will agree to some claims.  It is a rapidly growing movement.  

"Earthing" means connecting to the earth's energy promoting physical well-being, better sleep, reduced stress and inflammation.  Ever noticed how on holidays, walking barefoot on a sandy beach or by the ocean water or in the grass, enjoying the sun's energy and natural vitamins, makes your whole body refreshed.

EarthingThroughout history, our people spent much of their day working outdoors in direct contact with the soil, either walking on the ground, tilling the soil or gardening, being in constant touch with the earth.  Nowadays, we spend most of our day indoors and we wear shoes that prevent a direct contact with the soil.  
"Earthing" Claims

According to some research, here are some great benefits of "Earthing"

    ▪    Help with Chronic pain
    ▪    Reduce inflammation
    ▪    Helps with deeper sleep
    ▪    Increase energy level
    ▪    improves blood pressure
    ▪    helps with headaches
    ▪    speeds healing process
    ▪    helps with athletic pain

Obviously the best way to "Earth" is walking barefoot but due to our climate and our grounds, there is an alternative.  Why not wear footwear that is 100% natural, no man-made soles or insoles.

"Earthing" Footwear

There are several kinds of shoes or sandals that connect us with the earth naturally, using genuine leather such Moose hide, Elk hide, Sheepskin, etc. for the perfect combination of comfort, style and functionality.  The "Earthing" sandals will keep you connected all day regardless whether you work indoors or outdoors.
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