Enjoy Better Sleep & Allow Your Body to Recover with Sheets, Pads, Mats & Bedding Kits for Earthing.

Well over sixty million Americans suffer from sleep deprivation and disorders.¹ One of the main inhibitors to getting a good night's rest is due to the high amount of stress people face on a daily basis. When people are inhibited by stress, the cortisol levels in their body are raised, which negatively effects their sleep patterns. High levels of cortisol are also known to cause hypertension, cardiovascular disease, reduced immune system responses, autoimmune diseases, mood disturbances, blood sugar irregularities, depression and inflammation.² However, there is a a way to recover from insomnia and other sleep disorders that also lowers cortisol levels. The solution is sleeping while being connected to the Earth. This is also known as Earthing or Grounding.

The Earth is a giant magnet with an endless supply of negatively charged electrons that can refuel and help your body recover from illness. The human body and nervous system are electrical in nature and work on electrical impulses. Grounding also known as Earthing, is when the Earth's energy enters your body, by way of your skin, and the electrical flow neutralizes any free radicals you may have. Earthing also provides an increase in the hormone melatonin which helps regulate sleep and other biological systems. Earthing during sleep with bedding such as sheets, mats, pads or sleep kits for earthing, resynchronizes cortisol secretion and aligns your sleep with its natural rhythm.₂ Sleeping Grounded with the use of bedding kits, sheets or blankets is one of the best ways to reap the benefits of connecting with the Earth, as you are Grounded for 7 plus hours every night!

Placing your bare feet or any part of your body on Earthing sheets, mats, pads, blankets or bedding kits, grounds your body to the Earth during sleep. Conductive sheets and bedding are unique as they are made of all natural (unbleached, non-dyed) Egyptian cotton woven with soft conductive silver fibres. Sheets and bedding connect to the Earth while plugged into a grounded electrical wall outlet with a ground cord or by way of a ground rod which can be placed directly into the Earth. When you wake up from sleeping Grounded, you feel rejuvenated, recovered and refreshed. You also reduce your stress and cortisol levels while you're peacefully sleeping with sheets, mats, pads, blankets or bedding kits for earthing.

At Healthy & Grounded we now offer conductive sheets, mats, pads, blankets and bedding kits for earthing so you can not only walk around Grounded, but sleep Grounded. We offer different sized fitted sheets, half and full sheets, pillow cases, recovery bags and kits, and throws aimed to suit the various sleeping needs of you may have. We believe in the benefits of Earthing and look forward to hearing how sleeping Grounded has helped you reduce your stress, disease, inflammation and improved your overall well being. Healthy & Grounded is pleased to offer high quality products for earthing at excellent prices. We offer fast and affordable shipping as well as personal and friendly customer service. So ensure you get a good night's rest and start sleeping Grounded by trying a product from sheets and bedding.

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