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EMF Radiation Protection Zipper Hoodie

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Color: Small


With our society being evermore dependent on smartphones, computers, Bluetooth devices and 5G our exposure to harmful EMF radiation is increasing. Please enjoy our blog post featuring this EMF shielding sweater "Zip It". Some respond worst to EMF exposure giving you headaches, sleep disturbances, fatigue and brain fog and many other symptoms. Wearing EMF shielding clothing is a simple way to protect yourself from harmful radiation and can limit your exposure. This EMF protection hoodie is a great piece of clothing that you can wear over any outfit to block harmful RF's while remaining stylish. This fashionable hoodie is made for both men and women and is crafted from 51% cotton, 26% silver fiber and 23% polyester. The highly effective fabrics make it the perfect solution to shield your upper body from EMF radiation. The silver in the fabric is naturally anti-bacterial and it is washable up to 30 times without losing any shielding efficiency, if washed on a gentle cycle with mild soap and hung to dry. Start enjoying freedom for harmful EMF exposure with an EMF blocking zip-up hoodie.  These zipper hoodies come in men's and women's sizes small  to 3-xlarge. They fit the same as your regular clothing size.

Washing Instructions

Hand wash or machine wash on delicate cycle.  Use a mild soap only and hang to dry. Do not iron, do not bleach

Details & Sizing

FitSame As Clothing Size
Material53% Cotton, 42% Silver Fiber, 5% Polyester 
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