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What is Earthing and how does it work?

Grounding or Earthing occurs when your feet have the opportunity to connect to the Earth. Touching the Earth naturally discharges electrical stress from our bodies by facilitating the reception of free electrons. Earthing occurs when the nerves in our feet pick up the electron transfer from the earth. Earthing shifts our nervous system from a stress dominated state to one of calmness. By reconnecting to the earth, you enable your body to return to its normal electrical state, which makes you better able to self-regulate and self-heal. Those who practices Grounding regularly, notice decreased inflammation, better balance, feel more energized and refreshed among many other health benefits.

The easiest and most affordable way to practice Earthing is to walk outside barefoot. However in modern society, we wear insulating shoes from the moment we wake up, to the moment we go to bed. It's just a reality that most people don't regularly go barefoot, if at all, especially when outside. So shoes that help people practice Earthing were created to address the issues of comfort, suitability, reality, and functionality. For more information please see our blog about Earthing and 20 Benefits To Earthing

How do I practice Earthing?

Please see our 2 blogs about Easy Ways to Practice Earthing and how to in the Fall and Winter.

What materials are conductive?

Please see our blog about conductive materials to answer this question.

What vendors make your Earthing shoes?

We have 3 brands: Groundals, Pluggz and Bastien Industries. Groundals provide Earthing Sandals. Pluggz offer Earthing Shoes & Sandals. Bastien Industries provide all-natural moccasins.

We provide you with access to Grounding/Earthing pads by Earthing Canada and Sandals by Earth Runners.

What makes your shoes conductive so you can practice Earthing while wearing them? What are they made of?

Moccasins: Our moccasins are made of all natural leather which makes them conductive.

Groundals Sandals: Our Groundal sandals are made of a grounding material that allows connection through all parts of the foot rather than just through a small circular plug in the center of the shoe’s footbed. The TerraMater Groundals sole is made of carbon powder and vinyl, making each shoe 100% conductive to the Earth's rejuvenating energy as the carbon is a conductor to the Earth. The TerraPlus footbed material on the more expensive styles, is different in that the carbon is infused into the base material as a liquid rather than a powder. This allows it to mix better with the vinyl and therefore less additive is used in the entire composition. The TerraPlus material is therefore more durable because there is a greater amount of the stronger base matter in the composition. The vinyl used is high grade, like that used in IV tubing, blood bags, or pacifiers and meets all Prop 65 regulations. For more information see our blog about Get Grounded In Spring & Summer with Groundals.

Pluggz: Pluggz proprietary grounding technology is embedded into slip resistant soles. Each pair of Pluggz has a black carbon and rubber targeted centre, which is built into the sole of each shoe. This means the Conductive plug is located right under the weight bearing part of the ball of your foot. This is where the Pluggz conductive and rejuvenating power transfer of electrons occurs between your foot and the Earth's powerful energy force. For more information see our blog about Pluggz.

What is the best option for outdoor Winter Earthing footwear?

You could wear our sheepskin slippers with some Mohair socks inside any of our Earthing shoes. But unfortunately your feet will still get cold during the winter months since your feet will likely get wet and our shoes don't offer enough insulation for outdoor temperatures. Canadian winters are not very friendly to those who want to practice Earthing. Please see our blog for ideas of how to practice Earthing in the Winter.

How do you practice Earthing while indoors?

That's a tricky question. Earthing shoes will only work inside if you are on a grounding pad or on concrete. For more ideas see our blog about conductive materials.

Rubber isn't conductive so how do your rubber soled Earthing shoes work?

Our 2 lines of rubber soled shoes have carbon in the soles which makes them conductive. Our Groundals are made with a vinyl and carbon sole and our Pluggz have a carbon and rubber conductive plug.

Are all moccasins considered Earthing shoes?

Only if they are not rubber soled or have no foam insoles. All our moccasins on our site are considered Earthing footwear as they are double soled with natural leather only. No synthetic or non conductive materials are used.

Can socks be worn in Earthing shoes and still be effective?

It is best to go barefoot while wearing Earthing shoes however, the best kind of socks to wear are are cotton or wool as moisture from the sweat glands in your feet produces perspiration which is essentially moisture and ions. Consequently the ions produced, then allow conduction through the fabric of the socks into the body. If you are looking for added warmth in your Earthing shoes you could also try sheepskin insoles.

Do our Earthing shoes have good arch support?

Our Pluggz have the best arch support of all our Earthing shoes. The Groundals sandals have a bit of support but our moccasins and earth runners have no arch support.

What is the 3rd Planet's NEW proprietary TerraPlus material made of?

The TerraPlus material is what makes the Groundals conductive. It has carbon infused into the base material as a liquid rather than a powder. The liquid mixes well with vinyl and therefore less additive is used in the entire composition of the 3rd Planet's New proprietary TerraPlus material. See our blog about Groundals for more information.

Is the liquid carbon in our Groundals footwear in the form of carbon steel?

No, it's in its elemental form. Carbon steel is an alloy, carbon (in fibre/powder/flake/dust form) has been added to the mixture. So carbon steel has added carbon, as our material has carbon added to it.

Will Earthing sheets and bedding work if I am unable to place the grounding rod into the earth because I live in an apartment building?

You don't need the ground rod if your outlets are grounded (An outlet checker comes with each kit). If the outlets are not grounded then if you are more than a few floors up the ground rod will not work. If you are hesitant about whether your outlets are grounded, you can pick up an outlet checker from a local hardware store before you buy an Earthing Kit to check and see.

Does Earthing help with Self Regulation?

Please see our blog about How Children Can Self Regulate by Earthing.

Is It Possible to Practice Earthing While Driving

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