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A Wide Step to Wellness

A Wide Step to Wellness

Our feet work hard, on the job, at home, in recreation and sports. They carry the weight of our bodies over the course of a lifetime, so we need them to last a lifetime, if possible.

Too tight or ill-fitting shoes are a primary cause of long-term foot problems. When constantly squeezed into uncomfortable footwear, over time, our feet will eventually protest and rebel, resulting in a host of issues, such as bunions, tendonitis, calluses, joint inflammation, hammertoes, plantar fasciitis and more. This can lead to serious chronic pain or necessitate corrective surgery.
Measuring wide-fitting shoesThe shape of your foot in tight fitting shoes
A wider, properly fitted flat shoe, especially one with a zero-drop sole, is the key to building foot and leg muscle strength with less dependency on artificial support.

Boho’s Wide Leather Walkers for Men and Women promote a natural gait, providing room for your toes without constriction, and allowing each footstep to fall naturally as it should. Made with a flexible genuine leather upper and adjustable laces, these shoes have a copper rivet fitted into the bottom sole, making them suitable for earthing.
Wide shoe versus narrow shoe
These are just some of the many benefits of wide-fit zero-drop shoes:


men's wide boho walker earthing shoes
Cramped toes grow weak, and weakened big toes are linked to plantar fasciitis, collapsing of the arches, and tendonitis. In wider shoes, our toes have room to fully spread out to support our body, which strengthens the arch of the foot, reinforces the ankle, and minimizes inflammation. This, in turn, reduces the impact on our joints, like knees, hips, as our weight is more evenly distributed.


lying in the grass comfortably in the summer with earthing shoes
Tight shoes can cause friction against our skin, and that leads to blisters or calluses. In extreme cases, after years of improper footwear, misshapenness can occur in the form of bunions or hammertoes. Shoes with a more generous fit eliminate chafing, improve air flow, and enable our feet to retain their natural shape and step.


sliding on a pair of boho wide fit walkers earthing shoes
Scientific research has proven that the Earth’s electrons revitalize healthy cellular activity and neutralize free radicals in the body. We absorb these electrons when we come into direct contact with the ground, usually barefoot in the sand or grass. Boho’s Wide Leather Walkers have a copper post inserted in shoe’s outsole, which conducts naturally occurring electrons from the ground through the bottom of the shoe, where they can be absorbed by your feet.

Studies show that earthing or “grounding” has many health benefits, including improved sleep, better circulation, reduced pain and inflammation and accelerated healing.
earthing shoes with a copper rivet inserted into the sole for electron flow
Boho’s Wide Leather Walkers for Men and Women are a casual, wider-fitting shoe with a classic look and natural shape to keep your feet strong and naturally positioned. And they’re now available at a special price! Order now and save $22 per pair.

Boho’s Wide Leather Walkers are available in Men’s sizes 40-48 and Women’s sizes 36-42. Please visit the following links for more details or to order online.
men's and women's wide fit earthing boho walkers
Men’s Wide Leather Walkers (in Brown, with dense leather outsole & copper rivet):
women's wide fit earthing walkers boho shoes
Women’s Wide Leather Walkers (in Dark Brown, with rubber outsole & copper rivet):

It’s time to free your feet, and enjoy a natural connection with your body and the Earth!
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  • I love these wide, zero-drop shoes! They are super comfortable. I’m so glad that you have them available. I know I will be buying more in the future. Thank you.


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