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Kids Are Earthing Experts

Kids are by far the experts at Earthing when it comes to going barefoot. Once school is out for the summer kids are found with their socks and shoes off running around outside. Think about when you were a kid and how at the end of the summer, when it was time to go back to school, you'd finally have to put back on your running shoes. Your feet would feel cramped, jammed and unable to breath even though your shoes would still be the right size. Your feet were spoiled and had enjoyed 2 months of freedom and did not like whatsoever being confined to the restrictions of footwear once again.

Let's talk about babies and toddlers for a bit, as they'd much rather walk and crawl around barefoot. That way they can play with their toes by touching, stretching and scrunching them up and ultimately practice Earthing when they sit on the grass or at the beach. Some babies and toddlers take a moment to settle in to the feeling of the grass or sand between their toes, especially if they've been in socks and shoes indoors all winter. However, give them plenty of opportunities to go barefoot and they'll soon absolutely love it. After some time, many toddlers even show resistance to wearing sock and shoes once they've tasted how good feels to go without. If your baby is starting to walk, barefoot is the best choice as his/her feet are better able to grip the surface he/she is walking on and therefore have better balance, not to mention all the benefits of Earthing to receive while he/she is at it. Babies and toddlers can get away with going barefoot the majority of the summer with only one pair of soft sole moccasins needed in their wardrobe. This way they can still gain the benefits of Grounding when walking around places where it is not safe to go barefoot or they can wear their authentic moccasins on cooler summer days. Traditional leather moccasins are conductive as the combination of sweat and leather allows electrons to flow from the Earth, through the soft sole shoe, to your child's nerve endings in his/her feet.

Similarly, school aged children, who are encouraged to play outdoors, always want to kick off their socks and shoes during summer months. In fact, many won't wear anything on their feet from dawn to dusk, day in and day out, during the summer months. Yes, it makes for a lot of foot washing every night, or really dirty sheets, but either way it's so good for them. You're only a kid once, so let them get good and dirty for 2 months of the year as they have the rest of their lives to be stuck with only 2 weeks of holidays to enjoy the great outdoors. You may not blatantly notice a difference in your children's health once school's out, however, they are reaping the benefits of Earthing as most kids are rarely sick during the summer months. They seem to have an endless supply of energy and somehow play hard every day, stay up late and manage to do it all summer long without sickness, pain for fatigue. It's all thanks to the amount of Earthing they've been receiving. Again, let your kids go barefoot as much as they can. The bottom of their feet will toughen up as they tip toe over the gravel. Their feet will be like leather by the end of the summer but it's well worth it. For those times when going barefoot isn't feasible, only one pair of shoes are necessary in the closet - all natural moccasins.

The Earthing Store in an online shopping store that has Earthing moccasins for babies and children. We have several different styles of soft sole moccasins for toddlers and kids that allow Grounding to take place. All our baby and junior size real leather moccasins have been handmade in Canada out of all natural materials. We offer timely shipping, competitive prices and friendly service with a 100% secure checkout. So let your kids run through the sprinkler, take them to the beach to build a sandcastle, play barefoot baseball in the back yard and swim often in the lake. Babies, toddlers and kids all have a natural desire to practice Earthing so let them whip of their socks and shoes so they can enjoy the natural benefits of walking barefoot outside.
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