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Earthing While Going for a Run

Running in the summer months can get very hot rather quickly. However many enjoy the time outdoors and are willing to endure some sweat in order to enjoy the sunshine. It is important to take care of yourself while running or exercising, especially in the warm summer months. Proper hydration and footwear are essential to taking care of yourself before and after you exercise.

Make sure you drink lots of water prior to your run and if running long distances, take some water with you to drink throughout your workout. Loading up on water before hand, and during your run, will ensure you stay properly hydrated and will eliminate the constant thirst, dry mouth and chance of fainting while exercising. While you run, you will likely perspire so by drinking fluid ahead of time you ensure that you won't sweat out the water your body needs during your workout. Try to avoid cold water as it will shock your already warmed up system. Save the cold water for after your run, if you need to be refreshed, and stick to water that is room temperature for prior and during exercise.

Just as it's important to drink before, during and after your workout it is also important to look after your feet prior, during and after your run. After all, if your feet are not in the best shape, then your run is not going to be a good one. And you might end up doing permanent damage to your joints and muscles. When you run, go barefoot or wear Earth Runners to maximize Earthing or Grounding potential. Run in the grass, or along the beach to avoid stones or sharp objects coming in contact with your bare feet. Running in sand is going to give you even more resistance for an awesome work-out. When you are not running, wear soft sole moccasins or a pair of Pluggz to give your feet comfort and the opportunity to continue experiencing the benefits of Earthing while moving about. Maximize Grounding during your waking hours, by wearing footwear for earthing and you will find you have more energy and feel better in general, for your daily exercise. You are more likely to go for that run on a hot day because you already feel rejuvenated and refreshed as a result of the shoes or sandals for earthing you've been wearing. You might also want to consider the time of day you are running. Earlier in the morning and in later in the afternoon into the evening will help you avoid the spike in temperature due to the sun.

Genuine leather moccasins, and specialized shoes for earthing such as Earth Runners, Groundals(no longer in business) and Pluggz are available at Healthy & Grounded. We offer quality footwear for earthing for both men and women at unbeatable prices. We are an online store and strive to provide friendly customer service so feel free to contact us by phone or email if you have any questions. We offer timely shipping with a safe and secure checkout. We strive to bring hope for a better life of good health, one step at a time.
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  • In response to Susan: pluggz is a type of earthing shoe you can learn more about them by going to

    Groundals are not out of business. Your best bet for running sandals are Earth Runners, they are well known and highly regarded.

    The Brown Bear
  • Looking for running sandals ..women’s
    What are pluggz, groundals


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