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Get Grounded In Spring & Summer with Groundals

Since this blog has been written, Groundals are no longer being manufactured and we have not been able to find a replacement. If you would like grounding sandal please try our PLUGGZ Flip Flops.

The time of year has finally arrived when you can go barefoot and your feet no longer have to be cramped inside shoes. And for those places and times when you can't go barefoot, you can always throw on a pair of sandals or flip flops. Even better if your sandals or flip flops are Grounded, so then you can be outside and still reap the many benefits of Earthing. Grounding sandals replicate the benefits of being barefoot and in direct physical contact with the Earth, allowing for the natural absorption of the Earth's energy.

The Earthing Store is pleased to offer Grounding footwear called Groundals by Get Grounded Footwear. Enjoy comfort and style, all while staying Grounded and connected to the Earth with any of our men or women's Groundals sandals. Great for on the go, for your home or out and about, our line of Groundals sandals will keep your feet happy with comfort and safety, all the while being connected to the Earth's subtle, organic energy. Groundals Earthing sandals feature massaging Accupods™ which makes them the most comfortable flip flops around, and a TerraTread™ Tree Root traction system so they are not slippery when walking about on dew kissed grass or wet sidewalks.

But what makes Get Grounded Footwear so special is the TerraMater or TerraPlus footbed material they're comprised of. The TerraMater Groundals sole is made of carbon powder and vinyl, making each shoe 100% conductive to the Earth's rejuvenating energy as the carbon is a conductor to the Earth. The TerraPlus footbed material on the more expensive styles, is different in that the carbon is infused into the base material as a liquid rather than a powder. This allows it to mix better with the vinyl and therefore less additive is used in the entire composition. The TerraPlus material is therefore more durable because there is a greater amount of the stronger base matter in the composition. The vinyl used in Get Grounded Footwear is high grade, like that used in IV tubing, blood bags, or pacifiers and meets all Prop 65 regulations. Groundals contoured footbed also offers durability and comfort and the TerraMater or TerraPlus soles, ensure full surface contact unlike other grounding footwear that offers only targeted areas for connectivity, such as on the ball of your foot or your heel.

The strap on Goundals sandals is both comfortable and functional and the unique outside upper strap attachment provides added comfort and a more flexible fit. All our Get Grounded's Earthing sandals will connect you whether on soil, grass, sand, stone, rock, gravel, brick, terracotta, non-sealed concrete, cement and ceramic tile. So by wearing Groundals you are pretty much good to go anywhere and enjoy the benefits of Earthing while you're at it!

Check out our line of Groundals flip flops and sandals and enjoy a causal and relaxing look and feel while Earthing this Spring. At The Earthing Store we strive for great customer service and offer a secure checkout system with affordable and fast delivery. Please visit our Groundals line of Earthing footwear and we look forward to processing your online order today!

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  • Hi, I have some moccasins made of rawhide (LL bean). Am I grounded when I wear them outside? thanks

    Michael Kennedy
  • Hello Paul,

    To be honest we have not personally tested the difference. Unfortunately it looks like groundals have gone out of business, but they used to have a video that showed the effectiveness here:

    We plan on purchasing a similar device and testing our footwear the same way. Stay tuned for a blog announcing this information.

    The Brown Bear
  • Hi, I am wondering whether anyone has measured the conductivity effectiveness/difference between groundals, bare skin, moccasins or other earthing shoes such as earthrunners, pluggz etc

    Paul Gunning

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