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Wear Stylish HARMONY783 as Grounding Footwear

Please note: this brand is not longer available and has been replaced with HARMONY783

Pluggz (now called HARMONY783) have revolutionized Earthing footwear by providing men and women with ultra stylish, comfortable shoes, flats & loafers that serve as conductive footwear for you to keep connected to the Earth.

How Do Pluggz Work? What Makes Them Conductive?

Pluggz have been specifically designed with Earthing in mind. Each pair of Pluggz has a black carbon and rubber targeted centre, which is built into the sole of each shoe. This means the Grounded circle is located right under the weight bearing part of the ball of your foot. This is where the Pluggz conductive and rejuvenating power transfer of electrons occurs between your foot and the Earth's powerful energy force.

Another great thing about wearing Pluggz is that they work when you wears socks. The best kind of socks to wear are are cotton or wool as moisture from the sweat glands in your feet produces perspiration which is essentially moisture and ions. Consequently the ions produced, then allow conduction through the fabric of the socks into the body.

Why Wear Pluggz?

Only footwear that has proven to have an electrically conductive footbed can offer the benefits of Earthing. Nowadays, most shoes are made of synthetic materials and although plastic and rubber can be made conductive through special formulations, ordinarily, they are not. When Earthing was first discovered, leather soled shoes were the most popular among Grounding enthusiasts, such as moccasin slippers. However, it has become increasingly difficult to find leather soled shoes and they aren't always functional outdoors unless rubber soled, in which case they are no longer conductive. Thankfully, for those times when you aren't permitted to walk barefoot or wear your leather moccasins outside, Pluggz come in extremely handy, no to mention they are extremely fashionable.

There are several Pluggz designs that look and feel great, depending on what look you are going for. The Earthing Store now offers a variety of Pluggz Earthing shoes for both men and women. We have a select line of ballet flats, wedges and drivers to wear for both casual and business uses. Research says that Grounding for even 20 minutes a day is beneficial for your health. So if you wear your Pluggz ballet flats to work and spend 20 minutes outside on your lunch break, whether it be walking on the sidewalk or through the grass in the park, Grounding can take place.

Importance Of Our Feet

Our feet bear the load of our weight, uprightly position our bodies as well as get us from place to place. The skin is sensitive and the bone and muscle structure is quite strong as our feet have a huge impact on the entire health of our body. Feet also carry the densest amount of neurones per surface area within our whole body. The density of the nerve endings in our feet has a specific purpose and has not been designed this way just by coincidence. Feet, when connected to the Earth's surface, have the ability to transfer elections to our body by a term called Earthing or Grounding.

What's Earthing All About?

Earthing diffuses any free radicals found in our body and brings us back to a neutral electrically charged state. Those who practices Grounding regularly, notice decreased inflammation, better balance, feel more energized and refreshed among many other health benefits. The easiest and most affordable way to practice Earthing is to walk outside barefoot. However in modern society, we wear insulating shoes from the moment we wake up, to the moment we go to bed. It's just reality that most people won't regularly go barefoot, if at all, especially when outside. So shoes that help people practice Earthing were created to address the issues of comfort, suitability, reality, and functionality.

Why Buy From Us?

The Earthing Store has several different styles and brands of Grounding shoes to choose from. We believe in our products and are pleased to offer Earthing footwear that has the ability to help people improve their overall health. Our online store has detailed sizing and product information to help you select the perfect Earthing shoe to suit your specific size and needs. The Earthing Store offers speedy delivery and has a secure online checkout. We value our customers and look forward to serving you in any manner we can. Please give us a call or send us an email if you have any questions or need help processing your order. For a look at all our Pluggz Earthing shoes please visit our Pluggz product page today and enjoy the comfort and stylish look of Pluggz Earthing shoes.
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