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New Earthing Winter Boots with Sheepskin Lining

Here at The Brown Bear, we are very excited to introduce our newest Earthing footwear addition to The Earthing Store. Custom made entirely for The Earthing Store only, we are thrilled to offer our customers an Earthing boot for fall and winter made out of genuine moose-hide leather with a 100% sheepskin interior lining. These boots have a double leather sole making them conductive when worn outside and can only be worn in dry conditions or powder snow as leather is permeable. The sole may be slippery at first on icy or wet snowy surfaces but will work perfectly on cold and dry, fall and winter days.

The Sheepskin interior of our Earthing boots will keep your feet toasty warm in cool winter temperatures and just the right temperature on slightly warmer fall days. This is because sheepskin has a temperature regulatory property, due to the lanolin in its fibre, which gives it the ability to whisk away moisture. Consequently our Earthing boots will also keep your feet from overheating, sweating and eventually getting cold while wearing them.

Our new stylish moose-hide leather and sheepskin boots are handmade in Canada by Native Americans, and can not be purchased anywhere else on the market. We had our vendors custom design these fall and winter boots with sheepskin lining, to allow our customers the ability to practice Grounding all year long. These traditional Earthing boots can be worn by both men and women and come in a 7" boot or ankle boot style. There's nothing else quite like these soft and comfortable boots when it comes to Earthing footwear that can be worn in the winter.

Visit our Earthing shopping page to see more great Earthing products that have been helping Canadians, and shoppers all over the globe, reconnect to the Earth one step at a time. We have a secure checkout and easy-to-use online store, with great product descriptions, helpful blog section and a useful FAQ page. We offer all our customers outstanding customer service, fast shipping and excellent prices on all our Earthing products and footwear. Take a step in the right direction with regards to your heath, and continue enjoying the many benefits of Grounding all winter long.
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  • In response to Kathryn: No, sheepskin does not make your moccasins less conductive. It does however add an extra layer. So at first yes they will be less conductive until you begin to perspire a little and the moisture mixes with the sheepskin and through the leather.

    The Brown Bear
  • Does the sheepskin make them less conductive?

    Kathryn Wilson
  • Your boots ate absolutely gorgeous!!! Can’t wait until Friday to order mine!!!

    Onalee Cook

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