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Break The Cycle

Break The Cycle

Each of us has a bedtime routine, a series of steps we take to ensure a good night’s rest —

  • Cozy pajamas
  • Reading a book before bed
  • A workout
  • Relaxing music
  • A glass of water or cup of tea
  • Lovemaking
  • A warm bath
  • Watching a favorite movie or show
  • Journal writing
And yet, still, sleep eludes so many of us.
Nicely made bed with earthing body pillow
Often the very issues that keep us awake - like stress or physical discomfort - are the ones that are best alleviated by deep and proper sleep. And so, chasing sleep becomes an elusive cycle.

Earthing can help; so can a body pillow. Combine the two and you may just find the perfect solution to break this pattern and establish a new routine for a healthy, restful sleep.

Earthing, also known as grounding, happens when the energy and cells of our bodies are stabilized by the Earth’s natural electromagnetic field. This occurs when we come in direct contact with the natural elements, by walking barefoot, swimming, sitting on the ground, etc.
Earthing body pillowcase
With the advent of research in this area, the wellness of earthing has been confirmed by scientific and anecdotal reports alike. Fortunately, new products, such as earthing sheets, mats, and other accessories are making it easier to practice grounding indoors, as well as out.

An Earthing Body Pillow Cover introduces a healthy new element into our nighttime routine.

Body pillows are widely acknowledged to help align our posture while we sleep, relieving pressure points, and reducing back and hip pain. Even simply holding one provides soothing comfort. However, when wrapped in an Earthing Pillow Cover, a body pillow potentially connects us with even more health benefits.
Reading a book on a body pillow while earthing
The Earthing Body Pillow Cover is made from soft, breathable cotton threaded with a grid of naturally conductive, pure silver fibers. When the cover is plugged into a grounded outlet, the fibers conduct the Earth’s electrons through the grounded current. Direct contact with skin allows the body to absorb these electrons, balancing our circadian rhythms, stimulating healthy cell regeneration, and stabilizing free radicals.

Silver also neutralizes the EMF activity of WiFi and wireless devices, and is anti-microbial, self- sanitizing against germs and bacteria.
close-up of breathable cotton threaded with a grid of naturally conductive pure silver fibers
Users of grounded bedding like the Earthing Pillow Cover report experiencing: pain relief, improved circulation, decreased inflammation, accelerated healing, improved mood, and fewer headaches and physical symptoms of stress.

A grounded sleep is restorative and healing; helping to break the cycle of wakeful nights due to anxiety, pain, or other ailments. Visit our website to learn more, and to order this and other grounded products, for sleep and beyond:
Woman hugging body pillow with earthing pillowcase
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  • TY, For the detailed instructions,
    along with The Facts of
    Concerning body pillows while using a silver conductive pillow case.
    I ordered 2 pillow cases for My Husband & I,
    a couple of months ago,
    its time to plug them up!

    Destria "Honey" Jackson

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