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Copper Rivets VS Leather Sole

Copper Rivets VS Leather Sole

The Differences Between Earthing Moccasins - Copper Rivets VS Leather Sole

The joy of walking around barefoot is just around the corner now that spring is on its way. There's no better way to practice Earthing than to have your bare feet in direct contact with the Earth. However walking barefoot is not always an option day in and day out.
A favorite footwear for many are a classic pair of leather moccasins. No socks inside a pair of soft leather moccasins looks and feels great with any outfit and you can easily slip them on and off. Although traditional leather sole moccasins will allow Earthing to occur, most find they work better as a household slipper so as to not ruin the leather on the sole with outdoor use. If you find this is the case when you've tried to wear leather sole moccasins outside, or you are wary of the idea of using genuine moccasin slippers as your outdoor footwear for earthing of choice, then comfy moccasins with copper rivets in the sole are just for you.
You can now enjoy the health benefits associated with Earthing while still wearing rubber sole shoes, thanks to a new style of modified moccasin shoes with a copper rivet. These loafer style moccasin shoes with a rubber sole have a copper plug inserted into the sole. Copper is a conductive material which allows the electron flow to pass through into your skin. With rubber sole moccasins you can enjoy Earthing with every step you take, regardless of the season or the weather.
Our new copper rivet shoes for earthing are handmade from genuine moose hide leather which is one of the best, most durable leather materials available and is also soft, flexible and comfortable. The rubber sole will add many years to your Grounding shoes as opposed to authentic moccasin slippers that have an entirely leather sole.

Another great addition to wearing a pair of rubber sole moccasins for earthing is that they feel better on your feet. Unlike traditional moccasins, the footbed can have cushioning and still allow Earthing to occur. If classic leather sole moccasins have padding in the sole, then electron transfer will not occur. This kind of comfortable moccasin is not considered an Earthing shoe even though it has a sole made of conductive material because the padding stops the flow from the leather to your foot.
Leather moccasins with padding in the sole make a good indoor slipper but do not work as Grounding footwear. Alternatively, the interior of these copper rivet, boat shoe style moccasins are lined with a soft suede leather which feels amazing against your bare skin. They also have a padded insole between the suede making them comfortable to walk in compared to the flat, non padded, soft sole moccasins for earthing.
Our copper rivet moccasin shoes are handcrafted by a Canadian company called Laurentian Chief and manufactured in the northern suburbs of Quebec City in Canada. Laurentien Chief offers superb footwear and the quality of their handmade moccasins is next to none. At Healthy & Grounded we are thrilled to offer these stylish and comfortable shoes for earthing to our customers all over the globe. We have competitive pricing, fast shipping and a superior product. Please visit our safe website and secure checkout, today.
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  • May I suggest that you substitute the word “second” for “next” in this sentence, to make it make sense?:
    <> Otherwise, an excellent article :)
    retired editor

  • Why not just buy the rivets on Amazon and insert them in all our shoes?

  • I bought the moosehide moccasins but cannot wear them; the soles are so flat & i need arch support. I wish you sold arch inserts with copper rivets or the conductive “plug” that is in your thongs.

    Janet Hofmann

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