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7 Ways to Help Make The World A Plastic Free Environment

7 Ways to Help Make The World A Plastic Free Environment

At Healthy & Grounded, we care about more than just the benefits of Earthing. Earthing is the concept of allowing the electrons from the Earth's surface to flow into your body. Without the Earth...there would be no Earthing. We were recently inspired by an Instagram post to encourage our following to help make the world a plastic free environment. We are interested in our Earth being a healthy and thriving place to live. Here are some easy things you can do to take part in making the Earth as plastic free as possible.
Picture of Recycling Plastic Bottles Earthing

1 - Recycle

Your efforts in recycling go a long way. Make yourself aware of which numbers your municipality recycles. You can always find out where you can take certain plastics if they are not collected at your curb side pick up. If you have children, make sure to educate them on how to properly rinse containers and which items are considered plastic recyclables.
Picture of Unpacking Meat from Re-Usable Shopping Bag Reducing Plastic Use

2 - Reusable Bags

Use reusable bags for grocery shopping instead of plastic bags. If you have plastic bags, reuse them as a garbage bag or for shopping again. Some stores have a bin where you can return return plastic bags to be used again by other shoppers. Smaller shops, fresh food stands and markets will gladly take your used bags to use for their customers. You can also donate your plastic bags to a local school to use for sending home children's artwork or wet splash pants in. Instead of using the bags provided at your local health food store to purchase spice etc., take in reusable containers to fill and purchase your food in bulk. Most stores would be happy to take a tare weight of your empty container prior to you filling it with the food you are about to purchase.
Reusable Tupperware Containers Reducing Plastic Use

3 - Reusable Containers

That idea brings us to our next point. Use reusable containers for your food and drinks instead of disposable ones. Take or send lunch food in reusable containers. Instead of buying individually prepackaged food, buy in bulk and use your reusable containers to divvy up the food. You can use reusable containers for storing leftover food in the refrigerator or freezer. Use a reusable water bottle instead of a disposable one. Reuse disposable water or juice bottles in creative ways such as for school projects, or refill them with water and make your own reusable frozen ice packs.
Picture of Bunch of Plastic Colorful Straws

4 - Eliminate Unnecessary Plastics

There are many small ways you can eliminate using plastic that you probably haven't even thought about. For instance, eliminate using plastic straws. If you have kids, you can have them use reusable straws or bottles and sip cups that have reusable straws built in them. Eliminate using plastic wrap or plastic baggies for storing food and items. You can always use reusable containers as suggested in tip #3. Start composting so you end up using less plastic garbage bags. Stop using plastic utensils in lunches or for picnics. Plan ahead and leave metal ones in your car or purse. You can also pack reusable utensils in your lunches to be washed at home at the end of the day. If you are ordering take out, say "no thank you" to plastic utensils or to the mini plastic table found stuck in the middle of pizza boxes.
Picture of Woman at Zero Waste Shop

5 - Watch What You Buy

Be picky when it comes to purchasing household items. Choose toilet paper that is not wrapped in plastic. Purchase products that are stored in tin or glass containers as opposed to plastic. For example, you can buy glass bottled beverages most places or use your own reusable travel mug if making coffee or tea at home instead of hitting up the daily drive thru. There are several lotions, shaving creams, lip balms etc. that can all be found to purchase in non-plastic containers.
Picture of Woman ready skin care beauty product label

6 - Read Ingredients

Before you purchase or use products, check the ingredients first. You would likely be surprised that many of the things we put in and on our bodies contain plastic. Such items as gum, sunscreen, hair and feminine hygiene products all can contain plastic.
Picture of homemade granola bars

7 - Plastic Free Kitchen

There are a few non-plastic items you could use in your kitchen that perhaps you haven't thought of. For example, you can find stainless steel ice cube trays or use a glass blender instead of a plastic one. Use stainless steel cookware as opposed to non-stick metal as its coated in plastic. Make your own yogurt, soy or nut milk, energy bars, snacks, condiments etc. to avoid buying these items normally stored in plastic containers.
Picture of woman sitting on grass wearing leather moccasins

8 - Wear Shoes That Are Plastic Free

At Healthy & Grounded we sell handmade leather moccasins that help you practice Earthing and are made of all natural materials. We care about your foot having the safest and most rejuvenating experience while walking around which is why our shoes for earthing are made with leather soles or have copper or carbon dots as a connection point for Earthing to occur. Plastic not only is bad for our environment, it does not benefit our feet either. So take care of your feet and avoid wearing plastic or rubber shoes.

Take a look at the large selection of high end shoes for earthing and products we have to offer at Healthy & Grounded. We have helpful customer care, affordable prices, a secure checkout and natural footwear you can count on!
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