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Connect With the Earth, Connect With Yourself

Connect With the Earth, Connect With Yourself

Biotime Sandals Cranberry
When was the last time you felt the softness of green grass under your bare feet? Or warm beach sand squishing between your toes? When was the last time you walked around without any shoes on?

It may have been a while. Maybe not since you were a child. But you remember those sensations so clearly... being carefree and invigorated, enjoying the sensation of the ground underfoot. Feeling adventurous and yet at peace at the same time.

That’s earthing.
Biotime Sandals Cranberry
Humans have a physical connection to the earth’s natural electric field. Recent studies have shown the tremendous benefits of earthing, from pain relief to improved sleep.

In today’s world, we conduct most of our lives indoors, and have largely lost touch with the therapeutic benefits of our planet. The shoes we wear are made with synthetic materials that do not conduct the earth’s energy, and we lose out on one of the most powerful and accessible healing influences available to us: Nature.

Biotime Brooke Sandals for Earthing are designed to do more than make your feet look and feel good — they bridge the gap between modern life and barefoot living.
women's earthing sandals
These attractive sandals have a soft leather upper, with laser-cut detailing. Their Biofresh-covered cork foot bed is contoured for maximum comfort, and overlaid with suede. But one small, very important accessory makes these shoes really special.
women's biotime earthing sandals
The orthopaedic-quality insole is fitted with a copper rivet posted down through the shoe to connect with the ground. Copper is a conductive metal that enables the earth’s natural electrons to pass through your body, giving you the benefits of earthing without actually going barefoot.
copper rivet in shoes
Stylish, comfortable, and adjustable, Biotime Brooke Sandals for Earthing will re-connect you with the earth and its natural healing energy, thereby reconnecting you with yourself.

Visit our website to view all the colours and styles available.
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