Why Every Hunter Should Wear Moccasins

Laurentian Chief men's moccasin boots
If we look back to indigenous hunters we can glean a great deal from their technique and successes. They were light on their feet and nearly silent while walking through the woods. If the animal can't hear you coming, then you have the advantage of getting close and increasing your chances of a great shot. Indigenous hunters wore leather sole moccasins which are much quieter than the bulky boots many hunters wear today. So we can look back and attribute successful hunting to a well fit pair of real moccasins and the same is still true today.
Indian braid top of moccasin boots by Laurentian Chief
When wearing natural moccasin shoes or boots you minimize your footprint and can better control your noise while moving through the bush. You'll find by leaving your noisy boots at home and hunting in a pair of traditional moccasin shoes or boots, results in less surface area touching the ground. A smaller footprint proves to be less noisy while moving through crunchy leaves or on top of breaking twigs. In the hunting world, less noise means getting closer to that big buck and increases your chances of coming home with game meat.
soft sole moccasins for hunting in the bush
Genuine moccasins feel like wearing leather socks. They protect your feet from the rocks and sticks that you might find beneath your feet on the forest floor. Soft sole moccasins also allow you to feel what's beneath your feet before you drop all your weight with each step you take. Therefore leather sole moccasins allow you to carefully calculate how safely and quietly you move through the bush.
hunting boots leather sole
It is possible to successfully learn how to walk and grip your toes for stability while wearing traditional moccasins. It might take a bit of time to retrain your feet how to walk as you did as a child or to remember how to walk in bare feet, but once you learn to walk in real moccasins, you'll have no problem wearing them safely in slippery conditions. Just take precaution while wearing leather sole moccasins outside and keep them off the pavement and they will hold up just fine. The soft sole is perfect for the woods which is where you'll be hunting with them anyways.
close up of laurentian chief moccasins
Don't believe us that wearing Native moccasins are one of the main ways to be successful while hunting? Then take primitive hunter, Ryan Gill from Gill's Primitive Archery's word for it. He describes his moccasins as "phenomenal" and "super comfortable". Ryan's favourite Native moccasins are Laurentian Chief's Moosehide Moccasin Boots BB37597. He won't wear anything else hunting other than a pair of of our soft sole leather moccasins.

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black laurentian chief earthing moccasin boots

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