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Plug Into Your Performance

Plug Into Your Performance

erthe shoe straps
Athletic and daily physical performance is about being plugged in: plugged into your mind, your body, and your spirit.

What if you could also plug into our planet, and enhance your performance by harnessing the Earth’s energy?

This may sound like science fiction, but it’s not.

Humans run on electric currents, a complex series of signals from the brain that carry messages to every part of our body. Our bodies respond to those messages by performing functions that keep us alive and alert: our lungs breathe, our heart pumps blood, and our limbs move.

The earth also has a natural electric field, and recent studies have shown that connecting with it via earthing or grounding (ie., going barefoot) results in many health benefits. Our bodies begin to operate at a higher level and we perform with greater energy, heal faster, even sleep better.

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earthing barefoot grass
In our busy modern world, there are few opportunities for barefoot living and exercising. We spend most of our time indoors, and wear shoes with rubber soles and other man-made materials that cut us off from our physical connection to the earth’s frequencies.

Enter the Erthe Shoe Strap by Earthling 3.0.
Erthe straps striking to shoe
Erthe Grounding Straps are a new patented, wearable technology that makes grounding possible without going barefoot.

The conductive carbon straps are designed to bypass your shoe and directly connect you with the Earth. Each strap adheres to the outside of your running shoe or athletic boot with one tab under the sole of your foot, and one under the sole of your shoe.
how to put erthe earthing straps on running shoes
how to stick erthe straps to bottom of shoe
erthe shoe straps
inserting erthe straps into shoes
The strap acts as a conduit of the Earth’s electro-magnetic currents, eliminating electric tension and enhancing your high-energy physical activity.
Earth’s electro-magnetic currents
Because grounding stimulates the vagus nerve, it also helps to regulate your heart rate and improve the overall function of your heart, lungs and digestive track. Recent scientific studies have also demonstrated that grounding relieves inflammation and facilitates muscle recovery following injury (Department of Biosciences, University of Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria.)

Erthe Grounding Straps are next level performance enhancers, giving you that extra athletic edge. Sold with two straps per package (pair), they are a simple and affordable way to maximize your energy and stimulate your body, naturally.
erthe grounding straps
The Earth is your charging station. Plug in.
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  • In response to Meghan: These do work with socks but only after your feet have been perspiring. We made a video on it here incase you want to learn more.

    The Brown Bear
  • Do you have to be barefoot inside your shoes for these to work? Or can you still wear socks?


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