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Grounding At Work

Grounding At Work

Earthing Desk Mat
For many of us, living and working in the modern world has evolved to include less physical activity and limited contact with nature. We are often parked in a chair at a desk for hours at a time, stationed in front of a computer, gazing longingly out of a window at the outdoors... if we’re lucky enough to have a window where we work.
Longing to be outside
We hunch. We slouch. We suffer shoulder pain and back aches and migraine. Operating a mouse gives us carpal tunnel syndrome. Being sedentary inhibits our circulation, reduces flexibility, and creates inflammation. Our connection to our bodies becomes about healing discomfort instead of preventing it.

Most concerning is the discovery that exposure to a variety of electromagnetic fields (via technology) can upset the balance of free radicals in the body. This can eventually lead to such chronic conditions as heart disease, cancer, chronic pain, and autoimmune disorders.

Grounding (or "earthing") is a simple way to combat these imbalances and re-align the human body. Increasingly, scientific evidence shows that connecting with the earth’s natural electric field can result in many health benefits, including pain and stress relief, improvements in inflammatory and immune response, sounder sleep, and faster healing.

Realistically, earthing can be difficult to achieve within the bounds of our professional lives. You can’t be dancing barefoot on your lawn when you’ve got deadlines to meet.
Computer on Grounding Desk Mat
A Ground Therapy Desk Mat is an excellent way to offset the stress and side effects of computer work by grounding you right at your desk space. The conductive carbon mat plugs into a grounded outlet, and can be be used underneath your keyboard and mouse, placed under your bare feet on the floor, or even in your chair against the lower back.

Visit our product page to see the universal desk mat:
Plugging in earthing mat in outlet
plugging in earthing mat in outlet
Yes grounded green light earthing tester
The mat is 13.5" x 6.5" x 4.5" and comes with an outlet checker and a ground cord. Introduce the earth’s positive energy into your routine and recharge your batteries with the science of nature. Get grounded today.
earthing desk mat barefoot
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