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Every cell in the human body has its own electromagnetic field (EMF.) Each of these fields is affected by other EMFs present in our environment, both natural and man-made.
energydots smart dots block EMF and RFR waves electronic devices
Man-made EMFs can be problematic, especially those associated with telecommunication devices, like cell phones, tablets and laptops, and basically any technology using bluetooth or wifi. Wireless devices produce high frequency RFR (radiofrequency radiation) and consistent exposure to EMFs can create a myriad of side-effects known as Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS.)
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Symptoms of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity may include:

Difficulty concentrating
Anxiety and/or depression
Memory loss
Mood swings
Fatigue and loss of energy
negative affects of technology and computer devices on our bodies
The digital age has us perpetually plugged in, yet drained. The UK-based company, energydots® calls this phenomenon, “wired and tired,” and they’ve developed a line of energy well-being products to help reduce the effect of EMF waves and relieve electro-sensitivity.

The smartDOT® is a flat, self-adhesive, low-powered magnet programmed to re-harmonize the EMFs in wireless devices. It attaches to your device and emits its own energy field, diffusing the harmful effects of radiofrequency radiation.
smartdot block EMF protects you
smartDOTs® are universally compatible with all tech brands and models. With a protective range of one (1) metre, most users report feeling more energetic with less fatigue and stress, as well as an increased ability to focus.

smartDOTs® do not expire and do not need to be replaced or upgraded. Simply peel and stick one on your phone, laptop or other wireless device. At less than 1-1/2” in diameter, it is inconspicuous and will not interfere with your tech use. A smartDOT® will work even If you choose not to adhere it directly on your device. For example, place a smartDOT® in between your cell phone and its case to receive the same EMF protection, then transfer and re-use it when you replace your phone.
smartdot by energydots emf shielding technology
In the wake of fast-paced tech evolution, scientific research in this field continues. Some studies link neurological issues with lengthy EMF exposure, and others show disturbances in mood, sleep patterns, and nerve function. Science has also established that children absorb higher doses of EMF than adults. Although mainstream sources declare high frequency EMF waves are safe, long-term effects are unknown and many people continue to experience and report symptoms of EHS.
how to block emf from computers and electronic devices
The smartDOT® is available in single, double, and 5-packs, for your convenience.

Please click the link below for more information and to order online:

Visit the EMF Shielding section of our website to review all the energydots® products available, from the water energy cleansing aquaDOT® to restorative sleepDOT®.

The digital landscape has expanded dramatically in the past 10 years and will continue to do so. Protect your space and preserve your well-being with the smartDOT®!
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