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Indoor Earthing

Indoor Earthing

The healing benefits of nature are well-known.

Science, personal experience, and even just everyday common sense tells us that taking time to enjoy the great outdoors helps us feel better mentally and physically.

When we experience a connection with organic surfaces in nature such as grass, trees, soil or sand, and lakes or oceans, there is a transfer of the earth’s energy into our body. Studies show that the human biofield benefits greatly when its frequencies align with the earth’s electromagnetic field.
The exercise of Earthing walking barefoot on the ground to allow electrons to flow into your body
This exchange of energy generates a series of positive side-effects: it stabilizes our nervous system and neutralizes free radicals in our cells, which in turn boosts natural immunity, reduces inflammation, and accelerates healing.

And that’s just the beginning! Other benefits of earthing (or “grounding”) can include enhanced mood, improved sleep patterns, and pain relief.

Getting outdoors to practice earthing, however, is not always easy or even possible for everyone. An indoor grounding product like an Earthing Seat Mat is a convenient solution for those unable to go outside to get grounded as often as they’d like.
Earthing Pad to sit on perfect for grounding indoors
Some reasons a person may need an indoor earthing connection:
  • Unfavourable weather
  • Mobility challenges
  • Busy work schedule or routine
  • Illness
  • Convenience
Earthing mats work by plugging into a grounded outlet, which carries a naturally-occurring grounded charge. This brings the earth’s energy into your home, and by sitting, standing, or sleeping on a conductive mat, earthing can be achieved.
Cord for earthing mat
The Anti-Fatigue Earthing Seat Mat is designed for a single seat; place it on your office chair and get grounded while you work. Sit on it while watching a movie, reading a book, or working on hobbies like crafting or knitting. You can even use it for meditation.

Its convenient size (13.5” x 13.5”) makes the Earthing Mat perfect for travel, and also ideal for nursing parents, hospital patients, and people in wheelchairs. It folds or rolls up easily in a suitcase, bag, or backpack for earthing on the go.
Easy pack and travel earthing mat
If circumstances are preventing you from going outdoors, an Anti-Fatigue Earthing Seat Mat makes it possible to access a connection to nature and achieve the benefits of earthing in your own home.
Packing an earthing mat when you travel fits in your suitcase
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