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Know Where You Stand

Know Where You Stand

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

What does it mean to be grounded?

When we are grounded, it means we are deeply aligned with our identity and our purpose within the Universe.
Grounding Earthing Connecting to the Earth's Electrons Standing Barefoot on the Ground
When we are NOT grounded, our inner compass goes askew and we struggle to find direction, or make decisions. This sense of doubt and confusion can not only hold us back from reaching our fullest potential, it can also manifest itself as stress, compromising our physical health.

Groundedness doesn’t mean being immoveable or stuck in one place, but rather symbolically rooted in who we are. Being grounded means knowing that our path may not be easy or well- trodden, and yet we walk it anyway, come what may.
Beautiful pair of earthing moccasin boots by Laurentian Chief fully made in Canada
It’s no coincidence that the practice of grounding in nature helps to establish this alignment. When we come into direct contact with the Earth’s surface, we absorb its electrons, and every cell, tissue, and system in our body responds by stabilizing, fortifying, and healing.

Grounding is for the curious. And Earthing Moccasin Boots will keep you connected, even as you explore directions unknown.
Earthing Moccasin Boots will keep you connected as you explore directions unknown
Crafted by hand with 100% genuine moose hide, there are no synthetic materials to create a barrier between you and the Earth. The soft, double-leather outsole allows you to feel the ground beneath your feet with every step.

Trimmed with Indigenous-inspired braiding and three rows of fringe, these Earthing Moccasin Boots for Women are as beautiful as they are conductive. The suede interior is soft against the skin, and the rawhide laces are adjustable for a customized fit.
Trimmed with Indigenous-inspired braiding and three rows of fringe these Earthing Moccasin Boots for Women are as beautiful as they are conductive
Moose hide is a wild leather, and it will sometimes bear scars the animal may have incurred over the course of its lifetime. This is considered desirable and indicative of authenticity. It might even inspire you to a deeper connection with that untamed side of yourself.
Grounding in a pair of earthing moccasin ankle boots
Earthing takes us off the beaten path, where we discover the mental and physical benefits of being totally grounded, and the consciousness that it inspires.

You don’t have to know where you’re going, you just have to know where you stand.

Earthing Moccasin Boots by Laurentian Chief are available in Women’s sizes 5-10.
You can practice earthing by wearing either leather soled shoes or going barefoot on the ground
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  • Lovely!

    Ingrid Balusiak
  • Wonderful article and great photos.

    I hadn’t heard of grounding until my husband got involved with its practice.

    Good words to live by!

    Christina Connell

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