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Make the Connection

Make the Connection

Laurentian Chief moccasins for women brown
In a time of pandemic, many of us are being asked to stand down.

Stop working. Don’t gather in groups. Stay home. Be well. Be safe.

It’s a time when the whole world is holding its breath, and we look beyond what divides us to focus on collective care.

And self-care.

These days, I find myself asking, “What can I do to restore balance in my life, to reconnect with what’s important? How can I turn this time of self-isolation into self-reflection?”

The answer: Earthing.
earthing moccasins
Going outside and taking a walk carries extra significance these days. Being in nature is somehow more poignant and restorative, and Spring brings with it a freshness that is therapeutic in these times of uncertainty.

Earthing or “grounding” occurs when we conduct the Earth’s natural electrons by walking barefoot, sitting, or even sleeping on the ground. It introduces measures of calm and connectedness into our bodies, which I am definitely grateful for right now.
dark brown authentic moccasins
Other documented health benefits include: improved sleep, reductions in pain and inflammation, increased blood circulation, and many more.

I practice earthing by walking in conductive footwear. Synthetic materials prevent us from absorbing the Earth’s energy, but going barefoot in shoes made with natural materials and a leather sole allows electrons to pass from the ground to our feet.
genuine leather quality ladies moccasins
Buffalo Leather Moccasins by Laurentian Chief are a favorite of mine, as they are incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. Suede-lined, with genuine buffalo leather inner and outer soles, these mocs have a relaxed but snug fit that is the next best thing to walking in bare feet.
beautiful buffalo hide leather moccasinsLaurentian Chief Canadian made moccasins
Made in Canada, they are a pared-down version of slip-on traditional moccasins, with rawhide laces and double hand-stitched vamp. Available at The Earthing Store in Women’s sizes 4 - 10.

It’s a difficult, unsettled time right now, but taking solitary walks continues to invigorate and inspire me. Reconnecting with the rhythms of the natural world is more important than ever, and a good pair of well-made, incredibly comfortable shoes for earthing only adds to the experience. Reap the benefits of a nature walk in a pair of moccasins for earthing, and revitalize your mind and body. You deserve it.
Canadian made moccasins
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  • I need to order these
    We already sleep on an Grounding Sheet with excellent sleep and healing

    Wayne Signor

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