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Slide into Summer Style

Slide into Summer Style

It’s summertime, and the living should be easy, right? So why so many shoes?
Boho slides summer sandals
I want my warm weather wardrobe to be as versatile and simple as possible. Ideally, everything in July and August should be able to transition seamlessly between patio, pool, and party. And yet, it’s kind of crazy how many different types of sandals there are.
animated gif of all kinds of summer sandal styles
Mules. Flip-flops. Wedges. Espadrilles. Gladiators. Platforms. Thong sandals. Strappies. Clogs.

I don’t really want a different pair of shoes for every outfit I own. And I definitely prefer footwear with a relaxed look and feel. Something with an earthing component is even better.

bo·ho Leather Slides for women are the ideal minimalist sandals, for the beach and beyond.
bo·ho Leather Slides for women
Handcrafted in Turkey, Boho Slides are made with genuine stitched leather in a warm, rich chestnut brown that complements summer fashion, from skirts to shorts. Their “zero-drop” soles promote a natural, barefoot feeling; they are true flats, designed for laid-back but stylish outdoor living.

My favorite thing about these attractive slides - aside from their versatility - is their special added feature: in order to create an earth connection, their dense leather soles have been fitted with a pure copper rivet, for grounding purposes.
custom earthing slides sandals with copper rivet in sole
Copper is a highly conductive metal, which maximizes the practice of connecting with the Earth’s electromagnetic field, known as earthing, or “grounding.” This is achieved when our bodies are in direct contact with natural surfaces, such as sand, grass, rock, or water. Science has shown that conducting the Earth’s natural electrons through our feet can generate positive changes within our bodies, including improvements in sleep, healing, and circulation as well as cellular stability, and decreased pain and inflammation.
slides type of summer sandal for women with thick leather strap
I love that these slides are not only versatile by design, but they also promote my health and well-being. Even when I can’t go barefoot, I can enjoy the benefits of earthing simply by wearing a pretty pair of sandals with a conductive copper post.

Boho Slides for women are available in Women’s sizes 5-11 (36-42 EU).

Here’s to keeping it simple this summer!
Womens bo·ho Earthing Copper Rivet Slides Summer Slip-On Sandals
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