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When my family and I moved to a rural area after years of living in the suburbs, I didn’t really know what to expect. My wife, who had grown up in the country, looked forward to the peace and quiet, but I wondered if I would feel too isolated. I was used to the pace and convenience of the city.
Earthing moccasins or shoes made with all leather in the soles are conductive and allow you to be grounded
Our house is on three acres of land, surrounded by forest and water. I can’t say I was prepared for how much this landscape would come to influence my daily life. Instead of having to drive somewhere to get to a conservation area or a lake, I was now a part of a natural environment, full time. It was impossible not to pay more attention to sunrises, the changing seasons, the stars at night.

Introducing earthing into my routine was something that happened without much effort. As someone who works with a lot of tech and computers, it felt good to have easy access to trees and green space. It didn’t matter if I was outside shooting photography or stacking firewood — even mowing the lawn was invigorating. I was making an earthing connection without even realizing it.
Raking leaves while earthing wearing leather moccasins for earth connection
All-leather earthing moccasins can make it even simpler to get grounded. With no synthetic materials to create separation from the earth’s surface, the healthy benefits of earthing are as accessible as walking around the backyard or even just sitting in front of the fire pit after a long day (my favourite thing.)
Connecting to the ground and earth wearing a pair of all-leather moccasin shoes
Canadian made All-Leather Wide-fit Moccasins are now in stock at a special price. Available in two colours (Cream and California Tan), these traditional-style, suede-lined mocs are considered a “barefoot shoe,” naturally conforming to your foot’s unique shape. The generous fit makes them even roomier and more comfortable.

Wide-Fit Leather Earthing Moccasins are now available ON SALE in Men’s sizes 7-15:
Men's Canadian Made Wakunson Earthing Moccasins Wide Leather
If you like the style, colours, and wide fit, but prefer cushioning, a Non-Earthing version of the same Moccasins are available with padded foam insoles:

Getting outdoors more often has definitely expanded my relationship with the natural landscape, and earthing truly does “ground” you in a way that is good for mind, body and soul. I’m grateful to say I can now appreciate this on an even deeper level — connecting with the earth makes a difference.
Men's wide fitting moccasins made in Canada by Alfred Cloutier Barbo Wakunson style
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