Baby Bear Paw Moccasins 164

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  • Babies can be grounded too, with these baby bear paw soft sole leather moccasins. Not only can your baby practice earthing like you, they can look cute doing so, with the adorable fringe and stamped bear paw on the sole. What makes these babies shoes perfect for earthing, is that they have soft leather soles without any foam or lining. Leather becomes conductive as the moisture from the ground mixes with the leather. They are also great because the draw string tightens the moccasins so they actually stay on your babies feet.  *Moose is a wild animal, so therefore incurs wounds and scarring during its lifetime. These scars and marks can show up in the leather as what may appear to be imperfections, but in fact are unique to each pair of moccasins.
    They are part of the animal's storyline.
    These baby moccasins are Canadian handmade/sewn by Huron-Wendat Native Americans. We carry three sizes: small, medium and large.
  • Material Moose Hide Leather
    Color Chestnut Brown
    Earthing Soft Leather Soles
    Accents Raw Hide Laces & Draw String
    Accents Cute Fringe
    Accents Bear Paw Stamped On Soles
    Sizes Small, Medium & Large
    Fit Small measures 4", Medium measure 4 ½", and Large measures 5 ½

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