Energydots SleepMAT

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A major obstacle to getting a good night’s sleep is the high level of radiation we now live around.  Wi-Fi, phones and computers all emit EMF radiation constantly, which can stimulate us and interfere with sleep quality.  Find calm in our intense digital era with the sleepMAT, an organic, hand-made, cotton blanket with a sleepDOT at its center. For more information visit our FAQs page.


We all know sleep is a powerful tool, playing an integral role in our physical and mental health. But in today’s always-on world, we are constantly connected to mobiles, laptops and more, all of which may be interfering with our ability to get a good night’s sleep.


Dimensions20cm x 20cm x 0.5cm
Weight50 g
Material33% Organic Flannel
66% Bamboo Wadding
ColorGold & Silver
Operating Radius 1 meter
Power SourceComes Charged 
No Power Source Required
Washing InstructionsHand-Wash or 
Low-Heat Machine Wash
DryingAir Dry
Box Contains1 SleepMAT + Instructions


sleepMAT is a natural sleep aid which encourages us to retune and rebalance. The sleepDOT™ stitched between the layers of the sleepMAT emits a specific mix of soothing vibrations, which are designed to slow our daytime brain waves down to the much-needed sleep frequencies.


  • The secret to sleepMAT is stitched between its layers, sleepDOT™ by energydots®. This is our solution to your sleep needs. sleepDOT is a low-powered magnet programmed with a specific combination of calming frequencies designed to aid you in deep sleep.
  • It’s As Easy As 1, 2… Zzz. Designed and attuned to the brainwaves of restorative sleep. sleepDOT™‘s programming is attuned to delta and theta, the brainwaves of deep sleep.
  • Lovingly hand-made, stitch by stitch. sleepMAT is crafted using organic flannel and bamboo wadding which makes for a sumptuously soft comforter.
  • sleepMAT has an operating radius of 1 meter. Keep your sleepMAT as close to your head as possible for its optimal functioning position.
  • Suitable for all ages, the sleepMAT can be placed under a mattress or pillow and taken on a flight for deeper, quality sleep.
  • sleepDOT™ retains it’s programming signature indefinitely and as such does not need replacing.
  • Designed, programmed and hand-made in the United Kingdom.


Sadly, we cannot accept returns of personal use items such as bedding, masks, pads, energyDOTs, etc. 
All sales on these energyDOTS are final.