Energydots BioDOT

$ 32.50 USD


This pack includes a bioDOT for you to wear. Choose a double or five pack. The bioDOT magnet is encoded with natural energy fields which support your energy. Our constant exposure to wireless devices means more and more people are experiencing electro-stress. In Dr. Rubik’s peer review of the BION Institute study she concluded “the change in state due to bioDOT is not a stress response–not sympathetic nervous system arousal (“fight or flight” response), nor is it a typical parasympathetic response (“rest and digest” response). It appears to be a mixture of an energizing effect with an element of relaxation”. For more information visit our FAQs page.


Dimensions15mm x 15mm x 1mm
Weight0.5 g

Acrylic Vinyl
Magnetic Sheeting

Adhesive Glue

ColorPurple & White
Operating Radius 1 meter
Power SourceComes Charged 
No Power Source Required
Box ContainsEither 2 or 5 smartDOT 
Discs + Instructions


bioDOT™ is for you to wear. A peer-reviewed study by the BION Institute study concluded “the overall influence of bioDOT as monitored by physiological testing, demonstrated a significant difference between the situations in the direction of energizing or heightened alertness”.


  • bioDOT™ Energy Support by energydots® is a low-powered magnet programmed with a clever recipe of frequencies designed to support your body’s energy field. It is designed to recharge your batteries and increase your resilience to EMFs and other energetic disturbances which may cause symptoms of electro-stress.
  • bioDOT™ was created to be universal. Peel off the adhesive cover and attach to any of your favourite wearable items. From watches and bracelets to pendants and keychains.
  • bioDOT™ has an operating radius of 1 meter. Simply wear on your person and enjoy.
  • bioDOT™ does not need replacing and will retain it’s programming signature indefinitely.
  • EMF protection doesn’t have to be a hindrance to your style. bioDOT™‘s design makes it sleek and discreet.
  • Designed, programmed and manufactured in the United Kingdom.


Sadly, we cannot accept returns of personal use items such as bedding, masks, pads, energyDOTs, etc. All sales on these energyDOTS are final.