Energydots SpaceDOT

$ 49.95 USD


SpaceDOT is a room harmoniser, developed to clear energetic disturbances other than those caused by the wireless radiation emitted from our much-loved devices.

SpaceDOT uses powerful resonant programming which interacts with a specific space. 

Attach a spaceDOT to an object to rebalance a particular room, it is designed to clear any geopathic, historical, architectural or emotional disturbances.

Each space has its own vibe, whether that’s negative, neutral or positive. Traditional systems like Feng Shui involve rearranging features and changing colour schemes to heal negative energy, which might cause poor sleep quality and difficulty relaxing. spaceDOT™ works with a similar aim.

  • Bring the sunshine inside with spaceDOT™

  • spaceDOT™ is our solution to your spatial energy needs. spaceDOT is a low-powered magnet programmed with powerful resonant frequencies which are designed to uplift the environment.

  • Designed to clear energetic disturbances other than those caused by EMFs. spaceDOT™ works to harmonise geopathic, historical, architectural or emotional disturbances.
  • spaceDOT™ was designed to be stress-free. Simply peel off the adhesive backing and attach to an object in your space. This might be an ornament, wall or piece of furniture.

  • spaceDOT™ will retain it’s programming signature indefinitely and as such does not need replacing.

  • With a radius of approximately 5 metres (2.5 metres each side from the centre point), spaceDOT™ is perfect for a particular space that you feel needs rebalancing, from your home to your workplace.

  • Energy harmonisation doesn’t have to dampen your vibe. spaceDOT™‘s sleek and stylish design means its a welcome addition to your feng-shui setup.

Comes in a pack of 2 SpaceDOT and 5 SpaceDOT


Sadly, we cannot accept returns of personal use items such as bedding, masks, pads, energyDOTs, etc. 
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