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Dog Plush Earthing Pet Pad

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Indulge your beloved pet in the same luxurious benefits of earthing with this Dog Plush Earthing Pet Pad. Crafted from a combination of cozy cotton, durable polyester, and silver fiber (specifications in detail), the pad offers a comfortable and portable solution for the home or while traveling. With straps to tie the corners of a dog cage, the package also includes a 15' grounding cord to more easily connect your pup with the earth during rest.  Learn more on our blog, "Animal Magnetism".

Use & Care

Use & Care Information

1 - Use outlet checker to test and confirm outlet has proper working ground.

2 - The dog pad can be placed on the floor, couch or in a dog cage. When placing in a dog cage we recommend you use the straps to tie to pad to the corners of the cage.

3 - Snap the cord onto the connection tab of the dog mat or tester.

4 - Insert the end of the cord into outlet.

5. Machine wash in warm water on a gentle cycle using a mild detergent. Hang to dry. Do NOT use bleach, fabric softener, whitening agent or essential oils. 

Details & Sizes


5% Silver

95% Cotton Polyester Blend

Size25" x 39" (63cm x 99cm)
IncludesDog Pad, 1 Straight Cord


We cannot accept returns of personal use items such as bedding, masks, pads, etc. All sales on these sleep pads are final.

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