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Earthing FLAT Sheet

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Color: White


You can significantly enhance and improve sleep while grounding, so why not ground yourself while you sleep. Simply put, connecting to the earth's energy and sleeping go hand-in-hand. Experience the benefits of earthing with this silver fiber earthing flat sheet. Please enjoy our blog post featuring the grey sheets "Silver Sheets Are the Gold Standard". Earthing has been proven to reduce EMF's, provide healthy energy, improve sleep and offer natural wellness. The reason there may be preference for a flat sheet over a fitted sheet, is sometimes in the winter people enjoy fleece fitted sheets for warmth. In this case a flat sheet can go on top of you and you can still sleep grounded.

These earthing flat sheets are made from cotton with a pure silver fiber evenly sewn throughout the bedsheet. You will be grounded to the earth's essential energy so you can experience effortless health benefits and electrostatic shielding protection. We carry several different bed sizes in the flat sheet: 1/2 flat, single, twin and queen. We also carry two different colors including Natural and Grey. The grey color is a heavier material with thicker thread count. The queen size flat sheet will also work perfectly on a double size bed. Remember that you will need some bare skin (feet, hands, face etc.) in contact with the grid of your bed, this will create that beautiful circuit of energetic harmony. The package includes: 1 silver/cotton bed sheet and 1 cable to connect to your grounded electrical outlet.

You can effectively improve the quality of sleep by grounding while you rest, make it easier for people to get into deep sleep, reduce stress, relieve muscle pain and headache symptoms, alleviate menstrual symptoms, accelerate wound healing and so on. After grounding, some people may immediately feel the benefits, others may use it for a period of time to feel the benefits in the body, while others may not feel obvious changes or improvements, but even then, the body is benefiting from it. The result of grounding is immediate, effective, and instantaneously positive for the human body. Start resetting the body’s biological clock with this flat sheet today.

Use & Care

How to Use

1. Securely place flat sheet on bed. Use the flat sheet on top of you, like a regular flat sheet, or place it underneath your body.
2. Connect ground cord to metal snap on the sheet.
3. Plug into ground portion of outlet.
4. Enjoy a deep sleep.

Washing Instructions

1. Wash in cold or warm water.
2. Use ordinary detergent or non-phosphorus detergent. Do not use bleach or hydrogen peroxide.
3. If possible, wash by hand by gently scrubbing and wringing out. Or, use gentle cycle on washing machine.
4. Do not expose to the sun and hang to dry in a well-ventilated area. Tumble dry on cool only.
5. Do not iron.

Frequent washing is not required as silver fiber has antibacterial properties.

Details & Sizes

MaterialCotton with Silver Fiber
ColorNatural and Charcoal Grey
Size½ Flat, Single, Twin & Queen
DimensionsSee Below
Includes1 Flat Sheet & Grounding Cord


Single ½ Flat99cm x 191cm / 39" x 75"
Single Flat152cm x 203 / 60" x 80"
Twin Flat165cm x 240cm / 65" x 95"
Queen Flat210cm x 255cm / 83" x 100"


We cannot accept returns of personal use items such as bedding, masks, pads, etc. All sales on these flat sheets are final.

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