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Earthing Sleep Pad Set

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Enjoy deeper sleep and wake up refreshed with a mattress sleep pad that plugs into your grounding outlet and therefore connects you to the Earth while you sleep. The Large Mat covers the surface area of a queen-sized mattress and measures 54" x 72", with straps that stretch to fit any larger sized bed. The Small Mat is designed for a single person and covers the surface area of a twin sized mattress and measures 27" x 72". The package consist of the sleep pad for earthing, straight 15' ground cord, outlet checker, continuity tester and user guide. The pad is made of 30% conductive PU (polyurethane), 70% polyester. Created with thin and 100% conductive carbon tech material all you need to do is secure the mat to your mattress, plug into your grounded outlet, and enjoy your blissful, grounded sleep. The more time we can spend grounded, the better we can encourage our bodies toward radiant health.

Share the love! Snuggle up and let the Earth’s energy absorb into your body as well as the loved ones who share your bed. Enhance your sleep quality while you ground and let your body repair and regenerate itself overnight.


Please Note: You will need your fitted sheet to be 100% natural fibre such as 100% cotton, silk, bamboo etc. 

Use & Care

Use & Care Information

1 - Use outlet checker to test and confirm outlet has proper working ground.

2 - The sleep mat should be placed on top of your mattress under your regular fitted sheet and secured with the two elastic bands under the mattress.

3 - Snap the cord onto the connection tab of your sleep mat or tester (see step 5).

4 - Insert the end of the cord into outlet.

5 - Following instructions on continuity tester, check that you are grounded while being in contact with the pad.

6 - Only the shiny black side of the sleep mat is conductive. Place fitted sheet over top of sleep pad.

Do not machine wash, wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Details & Sizes

MaterialPatented 100% Conductive Carbon Tech Material
SizeLarge 54" x 72" / 27" x 72"
IncludesSleep Mat, 1 Straight Cord, Outlet Check, Continuity Tester & Instructions


We cannot accept returns of personal use items such as bedding, masks, pads, etc. All sales on these sleep pads are final.

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