Women's Earthing Sandals Copper Rivet Z-Strap Telic

$ 64.50 USD


This beautifully designed sandal has an anatomically correct footbed. We have modified this beloved sandal into an Earthing shoe by inserting a copper rivet into the sole so you can now enjoy the health benefits associated with grounding. Copper is a conductive material which allows the electron flow to pass through into your skin. You can now enjoy Earthing with every step you take, in the spring and summer. With a slight wedge, these sandals can be dressed up or dressed down. It is contoured to support the arches of your feet and has a deep heel cup with great medial arch and metatarsal support. This is an excellent sandal for people who love arch support and cushioning, yet want something a little dressier than a flip flop. It floats, is non-porous, anti- bacterial, and machine washable!


MaterialNovalon® Eco
ArchOrthotic-Grade Support
SolesNovalon with Copper Rivet
ManufacturedMade in USA


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