Women's Moosehide Fringed Moccasins for Earthing BB7574L

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  • These moccasins made specifically for earthing, are luxuriously comfortable and extremely stylish. They have double leather soles with NO foam or synthetic material in-between the leather. This allows them to be conductive and grants access to the electrons to flow through into your feet. These women's Native American style moccasin shoes have many fashionable features. This includes the stylish fringe around the footbed and the thunder bird hand-beaded design on the vamp. These women's moccasins great for grounding  are handmade in Canada from genuine moose hide leather in a nice natural tan colour. Moose hide is a quality leather that is butter soft yet durable. It will feel like a second skin. This makes these ladies moccasins a great option for anyone who likes the barefoot feeling and wants to use them indoors as a house shoe or slipper. As these aboriginal style moccasins have a double leather soles it is important to note that you should use them on soft natural terrains when earthing. 
  • *Moose is a wild animal, so therefore incurs wounds and scarring during its lifetime. These scars and marks can show up in the leather as what may appear to be imperfections, but in fact are unique to each pair of moccasins.
    They are part of the animal's storyline.

    Please note, soft sole moccasins that have been misused outdoors (worn on rough surfaces such as concrete and cement) cannot be returned. Please preserve your moccasins by avoiding these types of surfaces. Find out how to preserve the life of your moccasins and how to comfortably wear earthing moccasins click here.
    Other features noted in these women's Native style moccasins is the hand-stitched vamp and the suede interior. The suede will comfortable against your bare skin. They have rawhide laces that go through the back perfect for tightening. These moccasins come in ladies sizes 4-10. These ladies moccasins are easy to slip on and off and fit large. Order one full size down. For half sizes, go down one and a half sizes down (9½ order size 8). These women's soft sole earthing moccasin shoes are hand-crafted by a company called Eugene Cloutier Inc., and their brand is Laurentian Chief. These ladies mocs are manufactured in the northern suburbs of Quebec City in Canada. Laurentien Chief offers superb footwear and the quality of their handmade moccasins is next-to-none.
  • Material Genuine Moose Hide Leather
    Soles Moose Hide
    Color Natural Tan
    Insoles No Insoles - 2 Natural Layers of Leather
    Lining Suede
    Manufactured Laurentian Chief - Canada
    Sizes Full Sizes 4-10
    Fit Fit Large - 1 Full Size Down
    Accents Stylish Fringe
    Accents Raw Hide Laces
    Accents Thunderbird Beaded Vamp

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