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Get Grounded Footwear Sizing Help

Here are some suggestions on how to help you properly size your Get Grounded Earthing sandals.

Measure your feet prior to placing your order.

1) Measure later in the day. Your feet will expand the later in the day and the more you walk around.

2) On a level surface, stand on a piece of paper with your weight distributed evenly.

3) If possible, get someone to help. If you are alone you may get a better result if you sit down.

4) Trace each foot while holding the pencil as upright as possible making certain that the pencil stays in contact with your foot.

5) Your right & left foot might not be the same size. This is why you should measure both feet.

6) Using your ruler or measuring tape, determine the length of each foot by measuring the longest distance between the 2 points. It might be from the big toe or the second toe to the heel.

7) Choose the largest size of the 2 feet, then compare your measurements with the size chart.
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