Dog Plush Earthing Pet Pad

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Why not offer the same benefits of earthing to your favorite pet? Connect your dog(s) to the earth while they relax or sleep with this earthing pet pad. For more information and additional product photos please visit our blog titled "Animal Magnetism". Our dog earthing plush pad is made of a combination of cotton, polyester and silver fiber (see specifications for details) for a cozy and travel-friendly dog bed perfect for the home or on the road. The pad has straps that can be tied to the 4 corners of a dog cage. The package consists of the dog plush earthing pad, straight 15' grounding cord and user guide. 

Use & Care

Use & Care Information

1 - Use outlet checker to test and confirm outlet has proper working ground.

2 - The dog pad can be placed on the floor, couch or in a dog cage. When placing in a dog cage we recommend you use the straps to tie to pad to the corners of the cage.

3 - Snap the cord onto the connection tab of the dog mat or tester.

4 - Insert the end of the cord into outlet.

5. Machine wash in warm water on a gentle cycle using a mild detergent. Hang to dry. Do NOT use bleach, fabric softener, whitening agent or essential oils. 

Details & Sizes


5% Silver

95% Cotton

Size25" x 39" (63cm x 99cm)
IncludesDog Pad, 1 Straight Cord


We cannot accept returns of personal use items such as bedding, masks, pads, etc. All sales on these sleep pads are final.

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