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EMF Radiation Protection Beanie

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This stylish beanie is a simple way to protect yourself from 99% of harmful EMF / EMR radiation. Please enjoy our blog post with additional information "Hat Trick". It is made from high quality materials and comes in a dark heathered grey color. The outer shell is crafted from 100% cotton and the inner layer is crafted from a 100% nano silver fiber fabric. The beanie is stretchy and will fit most head sizes. The beanie's actual circumference measures 60cm (24") while the depth measures 29 cm (11"). Since the materials are antimicrobial silver this beanie is breathable and resistant to odor and bacteria. This EMF shielding beanie protects you from: Fifth Generation Wireless (RF Radiation), Cellular Radiation (RF Radiation), WiFi Radiation (RF Radiation) and Bluetooth Radiation (RF Radiation).

Washing Instructions

  • Wash EMF beanie gently by hand,  NOT in the washing machine.
  • Don't wring after washing, directly lift it from the water to dry.
  • The water temperature should not exceed 90 degrees.
  • Do NOT bleach .
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