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Energydots bodyDOT Pendant Necklace + smartDOT

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Color: Black


Our constant exposure to wireless devices means more and more are experiencing electro-stress, which can manifest as headaches, tiredness and lack of motivation. To combat this, we’ve created bioDOT – a natural energy booster. The bioDOT in the center of the bioCLIP emits natural frequencies that are designed to reduce the disturbances caused by wireless radiation, reported to improve energy, concentration and performance along with reduced headaches, stress and low mood. For information on the 5G Network click here.
Support your energy field all day every day by wearing your dodyDOT product at all times. 

Kickstart your wellness program by using them every day. Programmed differently, smartDOT® acts as a filter and is designed to retune wireless radiation directly at its source while bodyDOT™ releases natural frequencies to support the body’s biofield. smartDOT should be attached to a wireless device, such as a Wi-Fi router, mobile phone or tablet, whereas the bioDOT pendant should be worn.


Dimensions2cm x 2cm
Weight0.10 g
MaterialStainless Steel-Plated
Nickel-free Zinc Alloy
Operating Radius 1 meter
Power SourceComes Charged 
No Power Source Required
Box Contains1 bodyDOT, 1 smartDOT Disc
+ Instructions


The bodyDOT pendant and smartDOT® combination is the perfect introduction to EMF protection. The smartDOT® EMF Protection device uses independently tested technology to retune EMFs emitted by your wireless devices whilst bioDOT is tested through Polycontrast Interference Photography and offers change from disturbances in our energy field.


  • At the core of bodyDOT is bioDOT™ by energydots®. bioDOT™ Energy Booster is a low-powered magnet programmed with a clever recipe of frequencies tested to support your body’s energy field. It is designed to recharge your batteries and increase your resilience to EMFs and other energetic disturbances shown to cause symptoms of electro-stress.
  • smartDOT® Radiation Protection by energydots® is a low-powered magnet packed with a high-powered punch. Programmed with an intelligent combination of harmonizing frequencies, smartDOT is designed to retune EMFs emitted by your device to a safer level for your body to absorb.
  • A comfortable option for 24/7 EMF protection. bioCLIP comes in the form of a keychain for you to attach to an item you wear every day, for example, your keys, a belt loop or purse.
  • bodyDOT™ has an operating radius of 1 meter. Simply wear on your person and enjoy.
  • Both bodyDOT™ and smartDOT® do not need replacing and will retain their programming signature indefinitely.
  • Designed, programmed and manufactured in the United Kingdom.




Sadly, we cannot accept returns of personal use items such as bedding, masks, pads, energyDOTs, etc. 
All sales on these energyDOTS are final. 

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