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Grounding Plush Blanket

SKU: PlushBlank-M
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Transform your relaxation experience with this grounding plush throw blanket. Crafted to harness the Earth's natural energy, this unique blanket promotes well-being by allowing you to connect with the earth's subtle electrical charge. By incorporating this grounding connection, you may notice a reduction in stress, enhanced sleep quality, and a decrease in inflammation, contributing to an overall sense of health and vitality. This earthing plush blanket offers not just comfort with its plush exterior, but also a path to rejuvenation through improved circulation and neutralization of free radicals. Embrace a new level of wellness with every use.


This cozy and plush grounding blanket comes in two sizes: 

Medium - 137 cm x 152 cm (54" x 60")

Large - 150 cm x 215 cm (60" x 85")


The inside lining is a polyester cotton blend (97%) with silver threading (3%). The top layer is 100% soft polyester.

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