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Grounding Stainless Steel Fabric Tape (No Cord)

SKU: SS Tape 30/1m
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With this Grounding Tape, DIY enthusiasts can effortlessly incorporate grounding into any aspect of their home or office.


Crafted from 100% stainless steel, our conductive grounding ribbon boasts superb conductivity while maintaining the ease of handling like regular ribbon.

Seamlessly stitch it into the inner linings of clothing, fabric belts, pet accessories, socks, yoga mats, tent floors, sleeping bags, rugs, floor mats, bedding, blankets, chair pads, pet beds, and beyond – the possibilities are endless. 


Our Grounding Tape come in

2 widths:  30mm (1 1/4") or 50mm (2") 
2 length: 1 m (39") or 3 m (
and YOU NEED to order one or several Alligator Clip Cord


To get started, simply cut the ribbon to your preferred length and sew it onto any fabric surface. Alternatively, lay it on the floor for direct barefoot contact or across your bed for sleeping – you can easily secure it in place with pins on your mattress.

Once in position, attach your ground cord to either end of the ribbon or anywhere along its length that suits your setup. With this simple connection, you'll experience the powerful benefits of grounding.

The ribbon is incredibly versatile – it can be cut, washed, and sewn just like any other fabric. You can even iron it for a crisp finish. This adaptability ensures seamless integration into your lifestyle while maintaining its effectiveness for grounding.

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