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Self-Adhesive, Conductive Grounding Tape (No Cable)

SKU: GR-tape-3cm
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Using Self-Adhesive Conductive Grounding Tape helps to take full advantage of grounding benefits by providing an efficient, reliable, and easy-to-apply solution. Here are the key ways in which this tape enhances grounding:

  1. Easy Application: The self-adhesive nature simplifies installation, allowing for quick and easy application on any surface, turning it into a grounding area.  However, the strips will have to be replaced occasionally.
  2. Strong Adhesion: With an adhesive force of 0.8 kg/inch (adhesive strength with 180° peel), this tape provides a secure bond.  
  3. Versatility: The tape can be used on top of any surface.
  4. Durability: The conductive material is typically robust. However it will have to be replaced occasionally.
  5. Length:  10 meters 

  6. Width:  3cm and 5cm

    YOU NEED to order 1 or several alligator cords.

Overall, Self-Adhesive Conductive Grounding Tape is an excellent choice for offering ease of use, strong adhesion, and effective conductivity.

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