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Earthing Pad Multi Use

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This handy earthing mat can be used in many ways to help you stay grounded and improve your health by Earthing. Read our featured blog about this earthing pad;  "Grounding To Go".  It measure 60cm x 40cm (23.5" x 15.5"). You can use this mat in many ways including, placing it under you while you sit in a chair, under your keyboard, place it under your feet while you are sitting, or you can even lie down on it in your bed for a better night's sleep. 

Earthing has been proven to reduce EMF's, provide healthy energy, improve sleep and offer natural wellness. The multi-use earthing mat connects to any existing grounded outlet, or a grounded surge protector in spaces where outlets are limited. It is made of conductive fabric made of 23% Silver Fiber,29% Cotton, 48% Polyester. The package includes: 1 earthing pad and 1 16' grounding cord.

Grounding can effectively improve the quality of sleep, make it easier for people to get into deep sleep, reduce stress, relieve muscle pain and headache symptoms, alleviate menstrual symptoms, accelerate wound healing and so on. After grounding, some people may immediately feel the benefits, others may use it for a period of time to feel the benefits of the body, while others may not feel obvious, but the body is benefiting from it. Start resetting the body’s biological clock with this multi-use pad for earthing today.

Use & Care

How to Use

1. Place pad on desired surface (chair, floor, bed).
2. Connect ground cord to metal snap on the pad.
3. Plug into ground portion of outlet.
4. Enjoy being grounded.

Washing Instructions

1. Do not submerge in water. Do not put in dishwasher or washing machine. Not for use outside as the sun can cause damage.
2. Do not use any household products like furniture polish as it will cause the pad to loose conductivity.
3. Wipe down the pad using soap and a damp cloth or sponge.
4. Do not iron.

Details & Sizes


Grey: 23% Silver Fiber,29% Cotton,
48% Polyester

Blue: 100% Microfiber

ColorGrey / Blue Back
Size60cm x 40cm
Includes1 Pad & Grounding Cord
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