Replacement Leather Soles

$ 26.50 USD

  • These are the same soles that are used on our earthing footwear that have 'heavy oil tan soles'. Please note: these replacement soles work with BASTIEN INDUSTRIES HIAWATHA moccasins for earthing. Perfect if your  shoes you use for earthing get any holes in the soles and need to be replaced. Order the size you need and take them to your local cobbler/shoe repair store and they can stitch/sew the replacement soles back on, renewing your soft sole moccasins for earthing.

    These particular leather soles are made with heavy oil-tan leather which is thicker and more durable, and will make your moccasins last you many more years. These genuine leather replacement leather soles are available in ladies 5-10 and men's 7-13.

    Learn how to prolong your earthing shoes by learning how to walk in earthing moccasins and where to use them.
  • Material Genuine Leather
    Color Dark Brown
    Lining Suede
    Manufactured Bastien Industries - Canada
    Sizes Full Sizes Men's & Women's 5-13
    Fit Same as Shoe Size - Half Sizes Down