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EMF Shielding Canopy on Promotion

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EMF Shielding Canopy is one of the most effective radiation protection products and provides a safe haven that will give you a more restful, healthy, and peaceful night’s sleep. The canopy has a single side opening and comes with a ring included. The material is made from 100% silver mesh fiber is a taupe color and appears to be somewhat wrinkled. Designed for queen size bed and measures 200cm x 180cm. We also suggest using a earthing bed mat or sheets underneath your body for added protection.


Add the EMF Blocker for Mattress/Bed for protection from any EMF's coming through the floor.


While we sleep at night our bodies are working hard at regenerating cells, detoxifying the blood, and fighting off illness and diseases.  Constant exposure to EMF radiation from devices such as your cell phone, smart meters, WIFI, nearby cell towers, and much more and hinder these natural healing mechanisms. This EMF Bed Canopy will enable you to rest in the knowledge that you are shielded against EMF radiation. This is especially important for those suffering from EHS (Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity) to have at least one place where they can be protected from the radiation immitted from cell towers, power lines, neighbor’s WIFI, smart meters, 5G implementations, and other sources of ambient radiation.


The EMF Canopy comes in 3 different models to chose from:

  •  large round ring at the top for queen/King bed
  •  small round ring at the top for either Queen or King bed
  •  square rectangle at the top for Queen bed


SizeQueen - 200cm x 180cm
Specification34GSM, 150cm
Composition100% Silver 
Shielding Rate50DB - 60DB
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