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Women's Cariss Earthing Sandals

SKU: CARISS1-36 (33.16.11)
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Discover the ultimate comfort and style with these Women's Cariss Earthing Sandals. The synthetic and colorful two-strap upper, available in 4 summery patterns, is paired with a biofresh covered contoured cork footbed for unbeatable orthopedic support.


Extend the life of your sandals with our Cork Renew solution and secure your feet with adjustable straps and buckles. Our 8mm soft EVA outsole adds an extra layer of comfort.


But what sets these sandals apart is the copper rivet inserted into the sole, providing grounding benefits with every step. Experience the incredible effects of Earthing in your daily life, while also alleviating discomfort from common foot issues. Don't miss out on these therapeutic and stylish sandals for the spring and summer seasons.


They come in EURO sizes 36 - 41. We do not recommend these sandals for women with wide feet. These ladies sandals are made in Spain; we personally insert the copper rivet in Canada. Please note, if your feet are at all sensitive, these sandals will not be suitable for long walks, as the rivet will press on the median point of your foot. Even on a soft surface, if you step on a rock, you will feet the rivet.

*Please note, if you do not wish to earth/ground with these sandals, we can omit the copper rivet. Please use coupon code "NO-RIVET" at checkout for $10 off and NO rivet.

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