Reset Your Biological Clock

We are part of a world that needs constant maintenance. The law of decay is constantly in effect. We need to regularly maintain and update our cars, homes, and assets. Most importantly we need to maintain and take care of our bodies. Most of us take our health for grated until we get a 'red flag' alert that something is wrong. Then we quickly scramble and re-adjust our priorities and try to undo all the wrong doing we have done. We then realize that two of the most important assets we have is our family/friends and health.

Time becomes the most valuable asset you have. This reminds me of the movie 'In Time' starring Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake. The plot is set in 2169 where people are born genetically engineered with a digital clock on their forearm. When they turn 25 years old, they stop aging and their clock begins counting down from one year; when it reaches zero the person "times out" and dies instantly. People literally buy time. Time becomes currency.

This is not too foreign of a concept as time is money. We need to find a balance between work time, family time and 'you' time. 'You' time is the time you spend looking after yourself so you can have the time for work and family. This consists of beautifying yourself, eating healthy, rejuvenating your soul/spirit and exercising. Picture a pie chart and each of these categories take ups 33.3%. Each category should be invested in equally taking up a third of your time.

If any of these categories are out of balance it will have consequences. If you work too much your family/friends and health can suffer. If you spend too much time socializing you might miss out on financial opportunities. If you invest most of your time in yourself you may end up vain and conceited.  It is important to find a balance in every area. Here are 5 ways you can enrich your work, family/friend and health.

1. Stay Focused

Being scattered and disorganized is not usually a good thing. Do not take-on too much at once. At work, write yourself a to-do list and focus on your list. With your social life, put your cell phone away and focus on the conversation you have having with your child, spouse, mother etc. With your health try to do one healthy activity each day whether it is cutting out dessert or going for walk. If you can focus on one thing rather than feeling overwhelmed with everything, you will be surprised with how far you can get and how much you can accomplish.

2. Recognize Being Out of Balance

When things start to slip take a time-out and see if there are areas in your life that are out of balance. If you are feeling fatigued, ask yourself if you are taking enough time for yourself. Maybe you are working too much. If you are feeling lazy, maybe you need to push yourself to accomplish something like clean out a closet or go the extra mile at work. If you feel depressed you might not be socializing enough. Call a friend or help someone. You will be surprised how good you feel when you help and spend quality time with people.

3. Plan An Event

We all need something to look forward to in life. If you are working too much plan a family vacation or a special time to connect with those closets to you. You will feel renewed and rejuvenated when you go back to work. Plan a spa day, buy a new shirt, or a trip to the salon to help feel good about yourself. Make a point to meet up for coffee with friends. Or if you need some 'you' time, take a night to yourself and take a bath or get a Starbucks and read a book at a book store. It is amazing how looking forward to something, even something small like a glass of wine can help you enjoy life.

4. Things Are Temporary

It is good to keep in mind that most things in life are temporary. Perhaps you are looking after an elderly parent or you have a cold, or your young children are driving you crazy. All things in life pass-by. Try to keep the perspective that things in life are temporary. Maybe you only have 1 more year with your elderly parent so you need to cherish each moment, even if it is difficult. If you have a cold and have to call in to work, try to make the most out of it by watching a movie and relaxing as the next day when you feel better you will be right back to work. If you have a difficult day with your young children, remember that they are only young temporarily and one day you will probably miss that stage of life.

5. See the Glass Half Full

Negativity can cloud every area of your life if you let it. It is like a dark cloud that overtakes you. Make a point to think of good things. If you are discouraged or frustrated at work, take a short walk and try to think about good things. You can be thankful you have a job and that you are healthy enough to be able to work. Listen to calming music at your desk, if you can, to help soothe your mood. There are a lot of practical ways you can de-stress and enjoy work. With family and friends make sure your conversation is positive and up-lifting. Confront issues if you need, but avoid letting anger and bitterness into relationships. Forgive and move on so you can feel good inside. If you are struggling with health issues, healthy minds sets can actually help your physical body improve and get better faster.

One way you can help 'you' is through Earthing. There are a lot ways you can improve your health but one of the easiest and most practical is Earthing. Earthing is free. Just kick off your shoes and go outside. This will be therapeutic to your body and mind. Like the movie 'In Time' you can reset your clock and enjoy more time for work and family. Not just time but healthy time. As it says in the book Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? "Our biological clocks needs to be continually calibrated by the pulse of the Earth that governs the circadian rhythms of all life on planet." You can reset your biological clock.

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