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Top 6 Easy and Practical Ways to Practice Earthing

One of the best things about exercising Earthing is how easy and practical it is. Many people are astonished at the fact that they can feel and look so much better without changing their diet, taking medication or implementing a new exercise program. There are so many health benefits for a person who regularly practices grounding and it can be implemented easily by doing one or all of these 6 simple suggestions.

#1 Get In the Water

Go for a fish barefoot on the beach or dive in for a swim. Having all or part of your bare skin submersed in water is an excellent way to practice Earthing. Saltwater is the best as it is highly conductive.

#2 Go For a Walk

Take a walk barefoot in the wet grass or fresh morning dew, as the moisture in connection with your feet, is the perfect condition for grounding yourself with the earth. The moisture aids in electron flow, from the ground, up into your body. The longer the walk, the more health benefits you will receive and the better you will feel afterwards.

#3 Use an Earthing Aid

Use grounded electrode patches for pain relief in targeted areas. There are also floor mats, desk mats and mouse pads that allow you to practice Earthing while at work. Grounded Velcro body and knee bands are available to wear while moving around your house. There are automobile seat pads that are considered semi-grounded that are attached to the metal frame of your vehicle so you can exercise Earthing while commuting to work or going for a drive.

#4 Touch the Earth

Any contact your body has with the earth or nature is an opportunity for electrons to flow from the earth to you. So take a break by leaning up against a tree or sit down on the grass. If you are unable to sit down on the ground then sit in a chair with your bare feet on the ground. Work in the garden. Let your knees rest in the dirt and your hands touch the earth. Build a sand castle by sitting on the beach. Enjoy outdoor yoga by exercising on the ground. These are just a handful of ideas to get you connected to the earth. If the weather, season or your location doesn’t permit you to touch the bare earth, then use concrete as a reasonable substitute. Concrete is connected to the earth and is moist so conductivity can take place. Walk barefoot in the basement or play a sport barefoot on a concrete sports pad.

#5 Sleep Grounded

Purchase conductive sheets in order to sleep grounded. An Earthing recovery bag is used for times when you are not sleeping at home. Sleeping grounded has notable health benefits as it allows the body to be grounded for long chunks of time. Many people notice results after sleeping one night grounded and never want to sleep again without being so.

#6 Use Earthing Footwear

Purchase Earthing footwear that uses copper plates to allow electron conductivity, such as Pluggz footwear - sandals or shoes. Soft-sole Moccasins are ideal Earthing footwear as they are made of non-synthetic material. The sweat produced by your barefoot in the slipper will also heighten conductivity.
So take the first step in starting your Earthing journey today and purchase some Earthing footwear. Please visit our product page on The Earthing Store website to view our select line of Men’s and Women’s moccasins, Juil sandals and shoes. We strive for friendly, personal customer service, fast and convenient shipping as well as quality and affordable Earthing footwear.

The writing of this blog was inspired by: Ober, Clint, Stephen T. Sinatra and Martin Zucker. Earthing. The most important health discovery ever? Laguna Beach: Basic Health Publications, Inc., 2010. Print.
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  • I am very grateful for your site. I just watched The Earthing Movie and walked outside on the moist grass while watching.

    Judith Scott
  • In response to Lauren: We sell some earthing aids which are found here:

    We also sell a variety of earthing footwear found here:

    We hope that helps you start on you grounding journey!

    The Brown Bear
  • Do you sell these items? if not, who does?


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